Rebound Dating: Should You Start New Relationship Soon After the Breakup

New Relationship Soon After the Breakup

Rebound Dating: Should You Or Shouldn’t You Try It

Rebound relationship is always challenging. You usually feel emptiness and emotional exhaustion soon after the break up. However, many people try to initiate a new relationship to fill this void as soon as possible. On one hand, rebound relationship can help you to forget your ex, elevate your mood and even boost your self-esteem. On the other hand, these relationships are usually doomed not to be serious and can even lead to the broken heart again. Rebound Dating: should you or shouldn’t you get involved in that affair? Let’s find out all the pros and cons of the rebound relationship.

Pros of Rebound Relationship

going to dates

– You are likely to have a good time. Going for great dates, visiting new places and having sex with someone new might make you feel happy again. What else do you need to mend your broken heart?
– The transition becomes easier. In case you had a long-term relationship, moving to singledom might become too tough and painful. Dating with a new partner, you will discover that life is still awesome and that you have plenty of new opportunities. You feel confident, safe and more emotionally stable.
– It will help you understand what you really want. The best option to find out, what you are looking in relationship is by trial and error. By dating with different people, you can easier realize, what features do you value most of all and which one you still cannot stand.

memories about your ex partner

– Your passion is usually temporary. Your new partner will help you to forget your ex faster, but then you might suddenly realize you are dating to Mr. or Ms. Wrong.
– Your distraction will not last forever. Rebound relationship surely elevates your mind. However, you still can’t just erase your memories about your ex partner. Therefore, it’s still important to do the therapy, healing and accept your past in order to move forward and create healthy relationship.
– You are still not over your former partner completely. Rebound relationship gives a quick relief to your heart pain, but it’s still not fair to yourself.

All in all, rebound relationships are always tricky. The most necessary thing you need to know, either you become engaged to it or not, is that you need to do emotional work.



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