Signs Of Romantic Attraction Or How Do You Find Out If The Other One Likes You?

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Many people may be familiar with the situation: is the cute guy/girl watching me, or just looking at me because I looked at it? Maybe it does. Longer eye contact is clearly a sign of romantic tension. What are these romantic signs? How do I decide whether to match after one or two dates? There are some metacommunicative signs that we cannot hide before the other. You just have to read them well!

Signs That Help to Understand if There is a Romantic Tension

Perhaps the most evident sign. Everyone can have a basic posture that comes from their personality. Many people are a little more reserved, so they love to sit with a crossbreed. However, this may also be a sign that we are not really sympathetic with the one sitting against us. But when a man likes a woman, he pulls himself out better, pushes his chest forward. He wants to be strong and energetic. Women, on the other hand, are shyer. A crossed leg may not only be a sign of a woman being aloof. Indeed, on the contrary, it may also mean sexual tension. Especially if the feet look toward the selected one. A skirt alignment and thigh molding is a clear expression of affection. Most men consider the tightly crossed footrest the most attractive sign from a woman.

It is a long-established fact that pupils expand as a result of excitement – irrespective of light conditions. It’s pretty hard to notice at with naked eye, but we can notice it with a long eye contact, which is a very good sign! Looking into each other’s eyes can be a sign of mutual attraction. However, someone who is uncomfortably affected by prolonged eye contact may not write it down on the bill of displeasure. Maybe it is just excited and it will change later. Dense blinking and blushing may also indicate excitement.

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Blood circulation starts in an emotional state, so the lips are full of blood. If someone is chewing or wetting their lips during a conversation, it is either a sign of dryness or a clear attraction! The smile is also encouraging; it means we feel good with the other.

Because of the different levels of sex hormones, each person has a different smell. Especially if we don’t cover with perfumes. But it is well known that even perfumes do not affect people in the same way. Human’s smelling is not as advanced as we know at dogs, but there are almost 12 million odor cells what are not few. We are able to smell the partner that suits us. Provided we feel the “original” scent.

There are women who often twitch their braids, even for boredom. But on a date this may mean: we are interested in the other. Women often tug their hair and neck. Men can also put their hair in to make them look even more attractive.

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The face become red
When we find someone attractive, it starts a process that results in blood getting into our face – unless you’re dating in a warm place, but your partner’s face is red, it will certainly like you! This bodily reaction is, according to science, of evolutionary origin, so our body tries to signal our affection to the other sex. The purpose of the blush used by women was originally to raise the interest of men in this way. Besides the face, even the lips and eyes can reveal – the redder lips, and the whiter eyes, the partner is more excited.

There is no “shield”
It is also part of nonverbal communication how the person “uses” his surroundings when it talks to someone – its emotions naturally influence its behavior. If you are unable to connect with the other or feel uncomfortable in the situation for some reason, you will usually raise a “shield” in front of you with your arms crossed in front of your chest, or press your coat on your lap. You can even put the glasses on the table out of the way, or if you are at a concert, for example, you get so close to other’s shoulder.

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Heartbeat speeds up
It is well known that if you like someone, your heart starts to beat more often – but what’s even more interesting is that it works the other way around! In one research, the participants’ heart rate was increased by different methods and then placed next to a stranger – and they found the other more attractive, compared to the control group where did not play the pulse. It is interesting, therefore, that if your heartbeat is faster, you will find more attracted the other.

The position of the feet
Compared to the hands, the feet are directed much less consciously, so a date can be very speechful. Gently observe where your partner’s feet are – if those show to you, a very good sign, however, if those turn outwards or point to both sides, it may mean lack of interest. Of course, do not subtract far-reaching conclusions from this, but with the above signs, you can get a little picture of whether the guy/girl is really attracted to you!

The point is: trust in our feelings. Let’s dare to show you if you like the other. It will soon turn out if the attraction is mutual!

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