Signs of Romantic Tension

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How Does Romantic Tension Start?

A person may have never felt such feelings towards that person e.g. an adult man and woman who go to the same university or are in the same workplace for some time may have never felt it but suddenly they start to feel like magically attracted to that person. Both these persons can have a feeling of romantic tension for each other. They may have been together for some years but suddenly start liking and feeling differently for each other. This may start out as some may call it, as a crush, or infatuation which usually does not last for long. But let’s say if a guy really falls head over heels in love with a woman, he starts to have romantic feelings for her and these feelings when kept suppressed for some time can lead to romantic tension. Similar is the case for a woman who can have feelings of love, suddenly for a guy whom she has known as a friend for many years and wants to express her feelings but not being able to do so can lead to this problem.

Usually romantic tension can be greater in societies with Eastern cultures and religions, since they tend to be more conservative and have stricter values in terms of expressing your romantic feelings openly as compared to some Western cultures where intimacy and expressing love openly is generally not considered or looked upon as a taboo.

But in both the cases two people can have feelings of romantic tension, generally because of not being able to express their feelings for a lack of confidence, inner fears, not being sure about your feelings, or not expressing yourself because the other person is your very old and best friend and you don’t want to ruin your friendship.

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Signs of Romantic Tension

There are several signs of romantic tension but some of the major signs include:

  • Making a lot of eye contact:One of a telltale signs that there is romantic tension between two persons is that either one or both will be doing a lot of eye contact, intentionally or unintentionally, with sometimes realizing it and sometimes not. This indicates that they feel very deeply about each other but just can’t express it.
  • Trying to touch or touching the other person: If your very close friend touches you or tries to touch you can but gets a bit awkward, then you can tell that there is something going in their head. They may even try to hold your hand but appear reluctant, which is again a sign of romantic tension.
  • Smiling for no reason: The other person may mostly smile for no reason when they are around you, and make you wonder what the reason is?
  • Laughing even at little things: Sometimes the other person may laugh at things which you thought weren’t funny that much or not supposed to be laughed at, but they still did.
  • Texting all the time: Another sign of romantic tension is that the other person texts you throughout the day, sending you random messages and trying to keep in touch. The other person may ask you how your day was and what food did you eat? They may be showing an interest in you and wanting to give you an indication about it.
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  • Asking about love: The other person may randomly ask you if you are into somebody or feel differently for someone, this may be indicative that that person wants to know if it’s you or if they can have a relationship with you.
  • Cracking jokes: The person who feels for you differently, may try to crack jokes, mostly random or very lame ones to make you laugh or just to get your attention. This also shows that they may have some romantic tension.
  • Getting awkward in presence of the other person: It happens sometimes that the person you have known for some time or just a little time ago, may start to feel or show being awkward in your presence, without any reason. This shows that they want to say or express something but just can’t do it.
  • Standing and talking very close: The other person may stand really close to you and talk to you, which may make you feel awkward or uncomfortable. But this indicates that they want to be really close to you and express their romantic feelings.
  • Feeling it: Last but not least, two persons can just feel the romantic tension for each other whenever they are close to each other or even when they are in a relationship. This feeling is just natural and both the persons in love can feel this intense emotional feeling.
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Building Romantic Tension

When a man and woman are officially in a relationship or married they may even know face romantic tension. But couples enjoy this romantic tension before getting intimate and making out. It is good to know how to build romantic tension so you can enjoy your relationship for longer and feel the same way about your partner, for years to come. Here are some ways to build up romantic tension:

  • Give a lot of compliments to your partner, even at very little things.
  • Send love messages or flirty/cheesy lines to your partner.
  • Dress up as your partner like you to see.
  • Use a good and strong perfume which you know your partner likes.
  • Be playful with your partner and make a situation where you two are bound to get very close.
  • Give your partner a lot of surprises and the gifts they like the most, these can include chocolates and their favorite flower too.
  • Start with a nice and warm hug or a little kiss to really build it up.



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