Signs That The Honeymoon Period of Your Relationship is Over

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“And… then lived happily ever after” is the sweet ending, people are supposed to know in romantic movies or any romantic tale or presume when we see a wedding couple. What still enigmatic about the wedding, is the charm, the romanticism which eventually seems to fade. The magic of the relationship honeymoon period which spice-up the married life apparently at the initial stage cannot go for a longer time.

Being in a new and exciting relationship, you may find it hard happening anytime soon to you but you must know, it will catch up to you as well. So it is better to anticipate it instead caught by, in surprise where you might get disturbed or confused at that time. The most disastrous interpretation people often get from this relationship shift is confusing the end of excitement with the end of the relationship itself.

It is essential to notify yourself and discuss with your partner when it happens or even to start to happen. Once a couple anticipates such a shift, it can be easier for them to cope up. You must be prepared to identify those signs which shout at you that the honeymoon period is over and now it is time to re-define and re-discover the relationship. Here’s some help!

4 Signs Which Will Tell You That Honeymoon Period is Over

1. Passion In-between Started To Dissolve the First

The reason you will first witness the passion losing down because it is often confused with the excitement and the newness synergy of relationship. Excited love is often just rushing into things and not actually grasping the passion inward. This is missing the link in most of the relationship or marriages today. It’s not actually that you will lose interest in each other at that point but you will think so because you feel vacuum due to the lost exerted excitement. Intimacy will be less enjoyable or connecting because it will feel eventual to be repetitive instead of feeling the warmth inside. You must be alerted when this happens and actually before that. You can even prevent it by understanding the true passion is inward and connective.

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2. You Will Start Noticing Their Negative Characteristics

Here, the problem actually starts when you don’t understand or know each other enough that you later realize or discover your partner’s negative side or any bad habit or even any unexpected behavior. You will start arguing on their habits which they are adapted to for a long time and vice versa. Neither of you will address the point that everyone has some bad habits or negative side which is also needed to be accepted. You cannot be blinded to their bad habits in honeymoon period just because things are surreally romantic And suddenly notice one day that they tend to have some unexpected habit. This is the starting of conflict.

3. You Will Become More Reactive

You might not earlier ever react to things in your honeymoon period which you will do when it’s over. Couples fail to understand that it is a mutual contribution to raise the conflict where you question each other failures and unexpected behavior. You will react on a conflict of interest, values, opinion or decision no matter how small it could be because you will be blindfolded to see only your side of the story. You will know when is the honeymoon period over because you will see yourself arguing on something which doesn’t actually matter.

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4. You Will Start Witnessing the Ego Clash

In a relationship, when there is conflict, there is an argument. When there is an argument, there is blame. The moment the blame comes, the ego tends to clash the first where both partners are ignorant to any sort of empathy and logic. If you could able to get away from your own ego, you can yourself see what hurts is what actually true and you are just unacceptable to it. On the flip side, you think are you are greater than your partner in any particular or overall sense. The domination disturbs the balance. Here you need a third perspective because you both cannot look upon your ego to think clearly. You will also start keeping the score and keep them checked that what you have done for them or their family. It is probably the time for some couple therapy or any common friend with a peace message.

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These 4 primary signs will alert you to that no matter how long does the honeymoon period last, it will end eventually. So better don’t wait for it and re-discover your relationship which can be possible when you redefine the romance with more depth & understanding this time. You must understand that it should not be a period but the whole life that should be considered as the honeymoon period. You must cherish the excitement and innocence of a new relationship but never hold back to dig deep, understand each other, not just their good but also the ugly. When you step ahead to accept your partner without terms & conditions, rest will follow.



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