Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest

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There is nothing more heartbreaking and worst feeling than being ignored by someone whom you loved. Not just that, it’s painful to watch that one had feelings for you and cared for you is now being distant and making spaces.

However here is the thing that you should know, even after working on every bit and portion on the relationship to save your marriage you still feel that the damage is not repairable. You should just stop there then. Forcing someone for the relationship that they don’t want it anymore will not just make the relationship bitter but also affect the good memories that you have. Along with that, your self-respect is something too. Don’t lose yourself just to save something which is not meant to work. Just walk out proudly and put the full stop on your own instead of suffering alone.

But again, don’t do anything in a hurry. Be sure before you take any step no matter it’s for breaking up the marriage or for saving it. There are lots of cases where the couple failed to recognize the main reasons behind their failed marriage and ended up with regret.

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Signs which you should not ignore if you are partner are behaving same

There are lots of quarries on ‘my husband has lost interest in me’ or ‘he is not paying enough attention that he used to do.’ Well, there are signs which you should notice if your husband is acting similarly. By noticing these signs, you can work on it or find the solution for protecting your marriage.

The communication is null or very artificial

Communication is the most basic and important part of any relationship especially when it comes to husband and wife. There might be a time when you both used to text all day, call and even do face time just for hearing each other voices. But now, the text gets shorten and your call gets unanswered. Not just the conversations get dull but also the conversation you do with him sounds artificial or forced. Also, there are chances that you want to have a conversation with him, but he continuously makes an excuse or asks you to do it later. Or maybe he is putting everything before you, so he doesn’t get the time for having any conversation with you.

There is no ‘We’ in the picture anymore

Marriage is not about two people; marriage turns you and me into we and that’s the reason behind the successful relationships. However, if you feel that there is no’ we’ in the picture, then it’s an important sign you must notice. It’s important for partners to think about plans together, take the initiative and spend time. Instead of doing that, your partner is now avoiding the dates, taking less interest in the plans you made and also spending more time outside with his friends instead of with you.

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The romance is fading rapidly

Sex or intimacy is the major part of the marriage, not just it makes you excited but also builds the chemistry in the relationship. Most of the wives have their complaint related ‘ my husband has lost interest in sex,’ well there are different reasons, but If you are continuously facing the same thing then this is a sign you should not ignore. Intimacy between the partners or the physical contacts helps your love life to bloom into a beautiful and happy relationship. However, if you feel that there are something which is bothering your partner and because of which he is showing less interest, and then ask him directly.

The patience and tolerance level is going downhill

One of the biggest signs that your husband has lost interest in you when he is snapping and getting frustrated a lot. Not just that if you are feeling the vibe where you don’t understand what actually makes you partner angry and its feel like walking on eggshell then you should have a conversation with him as soon as you can. Sometimes it can be something from his work or from some other pressure which is affecting him or maybe there is something you are avoiding; it’s better to draw his attention toward this issue.

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The awkward pauses or situation are too much

Getting all awkward and feeling like you are intruding in his life, these are the signs that your husband is no longer interested in having you in his life. Also, it can be a sign which tells that he feels not good when you are around him, or you make him feel uncomfortable.

There is no planning for the future

Well, Marriage is not the final stop of the relationship. There are lots of things that come after that; however, if your partner gets all ignorant or avoid the conversation, then you should mark this sign too. It tells that your husband does not see his future with you anymore. There might be some reasons or he just not feeling the commitment last longer.

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