Being single vs. a relationship: What’s right for you?

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Being single vs. a relationship: What’s right for you? Which one to choose?

Many people are absolutely happy being single, while others cannot imagine their lives without a long-term partnership. Still hesitate, whether it is time to initiate a relationship? Or being single is still much better? So, being single vs. a relationship. What’s right for you?

Being single pros:

  • You can do what you want, where you want and when you want without consulting with your partner beforehand. Want to visit Paris at weekends? Go for a cool party with friends? You are absolutely free!womens lucky
  • You can meet plenty of new people. Furthermore, you can easily date several people the same time. Flirting and having sex with different partners with no judgments are among the greatest benefits of being single.
  • Focus on your goals. If you are keen on creating a successful career, being single might help you reach your aim much easier.
  • You do not care, which city and country to live in. If you have a serious relationship, you will still need to meet the needs and desires of your partner.
  • Pros of being in a relationship:
  • You always have a great company. You do not need to think of a partner to hang out with. Therefore, you feel less lonely.


  • Improve self-esteem. Having a long-term relationship can easily boost your self-esteem. Someone really likes you, is not it great?
  • Someone can support and take care of you. If you have a tough period in your life, being in a relationship can make going through it a little bit easier, since you have been taken care both emotionally and physically. You also feel that someone really needs you and values your relationship.
  • You have a better sex. Having intimacy with someone you really love is awesome. Bright emotions guaranteed.
  • You save money. A shared budget in a long-term relationship is another strong pro point of not being single. You save your money on rent, meals and plenty of other options.

All in all, both being single and in a relationship have benefits and disadvantages. You will still consider this important issue by yourself only. However, if you have been passing through divorce or difficult breakup, avoid setting a new relationship for a while. Live your life on full, meet new people and relax! When you find your perfect match, you will not guess, whether to start your relationship: love will just make you fall to your knees!



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