The Five Love Languages and What They Mean

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Love Needs to Be Expressed

It is fruitless if you love someone and fail to show your love to that person. Bottling up your feelings within you and failing to express love, could even be a lost love at the end. Somebody else could claim the love of that person right before your eyes and you would regret it for the rest of your life.

Hence if you are bitten by love there is no harm done in expressing that love. Cupid does not strike both but his arrow could pierce only one heart and that could be yours. If Cupid’s arrow strikes you it would be just what you have been waiting for and acting on it would be your prerogative.

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Following the five love languages would definitely win that person over but you would also need to show the charm which is necessary to bring that person close to you. The love should be genuine and sincere which would ensure that it would last “till death do us part” once you choose the day to walk up the aisle to the altar. It is everlasting love that would take you up to the altar and when it does you and your love of your life should be able and promise to take it to eternity.

It would be that eternal love which would hold you both together but before that you would need to build on the love. It is quite a task to be accomplished and would take a very sincere and genuine approach. Once the little differences which would be a part and parcel of love are ironed out, it would be easier to continue the love till eternity. It is the teething stage of your love that would be smooth and sometimes tumultuous but standing firmly to the commitment to the love would be what would bring success in the end.

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For a long lasting relation with love encompassing it, there should be trust. Both persons in the relationship should display an undeniable trust in each other which would be the foundation on which love would be built upon. It may sound quite rosy but sustaining a relationship with undying love in it could be an immense task. If true love is displayed by both it could be sustained if not like many such relationships it could fade away within some time.

To sustain a long relationship founded on love it would be your prerogative, to apprise yourself of what are the five love languages. These are five love languages are universal and if one or more of them are reciprocated by both it could bring forth a long lasting relationship that would extend into eternity.

5 Love Languages Can Bring You Good Results

We list them below so that you could take the cue and try your luck with the one who would fall in love even though the other person would not be aware of it.

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1. Wink

Our eyes could say a thousand words if you could use it especially in professing love. When there is eye contact with the one with whom you would have fallen in “love at first sight” it would be prudent to, wink. If you are reciprocated at the first instance it would be a go ahead for you. On the contrary if there is no reciprocating wink, you could still try the next time. A wink would not offend and the one bestowed with it would read it as a first step in a relationship.

2. Smile

A smile would be a polite way of expressing love and that too, would be with a smile that gives the right expression. A smile would not cost you anything but would go a mile in building a relationship. You should select your best smile and throw it at the person with whom you have fallen in love. It would be absurd to love and not express it to the other. To do so would only take a lovely smile which could take you and the other on a very romantic journey into a world on eternal togetherness.

3. Caress

Once you have successfully surpassed and achieved the first two on the list of the 5 love languages it could be time to move over to the physicals. A touch and a caress would exude what you would not be able to say in a thousand words. Holding hands and walking together is one of the five love languages which would bring you and your partner together. The holding and caressing would be reciprocated by both and it would be one of the best instances of a love relationship.

a man holding a woman's head with hands and kissing her

4. Kiss

You would always remember the first kiss that you would have bestowed your loved one with. It is heavenly to kiss and is one of the loveliest things you could do once you are both in love. A kiss would really seal a relationship and is the first real physical contact between two who are in love. It would give the impetus for both to continue the relationship.

5. Sex

The best of the 5 love languages and also the grand finale towards which everyone would work towards, that would bring fruits at the end. Sex is the most physical of all the physical contacts that two who are in love would like to enjoy. This is the best way to express love and unlike the good old days when sex was taboo till both signed on the dotted line and became husband and wife, that has changed in modern times. It would be necessary to enjoy the language of love and ensure that both are sexually compatible.



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