Things You Should Never Share About Your Relationship

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When it comes to your personal relationship, there is where to draw a line that you should not cross, sharing basic information about your relationship is not a bad thing, the problem is to what extent are you sharing, how much are you telling people about your relationship?

Things not to Share With Your Friends

1. Your partner’s weaknesses

Really! Well, maybe we can say you are trying to look right in people’s eyes or maybe you want your partner to look bad in other people’s eyes. Well, this is not right at all even if they have done wrong to you, this scenario is very common during the time of disagreements and misunderstanding, everyone wants to feel they are right in people’s eyes; this is the reason why you will find everyone with their own side of the story. Well, the truth is that friends won’t help even if you told them all the bad things about your partner so it is better to stay silent about them.

2. Naked photos and other inappropriate content

This is very common among teenagers, well, the painful truth is that no one ever wants to see them really, I don’t know why you should really take those nudes in the first place, but if you decide to take them, then they should be for two of you only. The problem that might arise with this is that you just never know who are real friends and who are not, some may take advantage of that and get them viral just to shame you, imagine your employer having to see that and probably your kids because the internet has a way of keeping your history. If you have such materials, keep them in your bedroom and it will be safer.

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3. Your sex life

This is very common with some women, they will always want to explain everything to their friends, the truth is that even those who laugh with you never want to hear about those details, in fact it lowers your dignity, not because it is a bad thing, but just because it is being shared to wrong people. The reason you close the door of your bedroom is that everything that happens there should remain closed in there. If you had intimate moments with your partner, please try to keep them between yourself and your partner. This is one of the things you shouldn’t tell your friends about your relationship.

4. Their secrets

We all have secrets even if we deny it, a heart is very complicated to understand, it just never opens up wide enough to reveal what is in there. We meet our best friends every day but we just never know what they carry in their hearts that is unsaid, however, it is normal that people only open up to those they trust most, this is the reason you will know a lot of secrets your partner has kept them from all other people even their best friends. Secrets about your partner are something you should never tell anyone, even if it is your best friends, secrets are better when they remain secrets if the secret has to come out, let it come out o their mouth themselves. The problem with this is that whenever your partner will hear about it from the outside, you will be the person tom blame and that is how trust is lost so keep them between you and your partner.

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5. How they feel about your friends

One thing that is funny especially about women is that they will always tell you when they don’t like your friends, even if your friends come to your house, they will not show it, but they will always tell you about it, it is important that you keep this as a secret, even if they don’t like them. This is very important to keep the confidence of your partner in the eyes of your friends. If you decide to tell your friend about how your partner doesn’t love them, you will either end up breaking the friendship or they will try as much as they can to show the bad side of your partner in retaliation which might bring a very big problem in your relationship.

6. Financial issues

There are financial problems in every relationship; you might not know it because everyone is silent about it, some problems might even be as bad as dishonesty when it comes to finances, It is very important that you keep this to yourself. The funny thing is that even those you are telling have the very same issues but they are very silent about them. There are other issues like the loans you are struggling with and maybe also you just can’t make enough money to live a comfortable life, however, that should stay at your doorstep, no one else should know about them except you and your partner.



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