Tips on What Makes a Man Fall in Love With a Woman

a woman touching a face of a man

Friendship could blossom into love and it would be invariably the man who would fall for the woman though she may hold it closer to her heart. Falling in love could be one of the wonders of Nature because if sex was not created love would be flying through the window every time a man meets a woman.

To hold love within the four walls it would need to be practiced in all its glory and that is what happens and what makes men fall in love with a woman so intensely and strongly. Sex alone would not be what makes a man fall in love with a woman there is more and every sinew in love needs to be strong if that love is to be sustained. Intense love making would also be a major factor as to what makes a man fall in love deeply with a woman. It is after all the finale of all the attention, caressing, kissing and many more all mixed up in the cauldron of love that come to a head in the bedroom.

a man kissing a hand of a woman

Factors That Makes a Man Fall in Love Deeply

If one is to analyze what makes a man fall in love deeply would be attributed to the pleasures of sex that both would enjoy and how they would perform in bed. Nature created sex to ensure the human race propagated and if not for this every unique ingredient humans would not have progressed beyond Adam and Eve. They had to be enticed and seduced to propagate and what better way than to create sex.

A man would love a woman in her totality and he cannot love one part of her and discard the other. What makes a man fall in love deeply in love with a woman is a total subservience to her all whims and fancies. The whole experience is exciting because it would be impossible to have half loves or anything more or less other than in totality. If the idea was to have half measures then it is not what makes a man fall in love deeply and in such an instance it may not last the test of time.

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Habits, demeanor, attitude, character, knowledge and many more are what makes a man fall in love deeply with the woman he would have always admired. Some men would only see the physical contours of a woman before they would even go forward. The body of a woman matters much to create and sustain a relationship but would not be the ultimate in ensuring the sustainability of a relationship. The body of a man or woman would aid in the act of sex but love treads far beyond that and a long relationship would only be built on trust.

Trust underscores all other parameters and would be what makes a man fall in love deeply with the one he would have chosen to be his future mate. It is only when there is trust built into a relationship that it would be long lasting and moving into eternity. Trust could be the core of a relationship built around love. All the right ingredients in the appropriate quantities would need to be inside the cauldron of love if it is to make any headway. Sex though would play a major role but it would be second fiddle to trust which is true not only for a relationship in love but for all others.

a man hugging a woman from behind and kissing

Though men would see a beautiful woman and dream about having sex with her, it would be trust that he would expect when the chips are down. Sex may not be able to buy love out of a tricky situation but trust would definitely be the savior. Every woman who would know that love is just a temporary aspect in a relation, should be apprised of the rigors of a relationship. She should know from where it would be coming and also how it would play out in the future.

Being aware of everything should be the prerogative of any woman or else she too could be swept away from love. Losing it to something beyond your control could be a very sad and excruciatingly painful. Especially to have some aspects as to what makes a man fall in love would be to the woman’s credit. It would also ensure that if she in in a relationship that it would be sustained and held in strength and solidarity by both. You just need two people in love and all the others to support.



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