Top Characteristics of Platonic love


Platonic Love: What Is It?

Love is a deep affection between two people. Love according to the relationship between the two people may be parental, romantic, or platonic. Parental love is the deep affection between the parent to the children, for example, a father to daughter relationship. Romantic love, on the other hand, is a deep affection between two people attracted to each other by sexual desires romantic love involves wanting the other person to succeed. It involves also feeling the same feelings back.

Platonic love is defined by Plato as a non-romantic love. Platonic love involves rising from levels of closeness to wisdom, from levels of bodily attraction to the attraction of souls. There is a wide difference between romantic and Platonic love. In this kind of love there is affection but lacking an element of sexual desire. Platonic love originates from Greek. An act was posed by a group of people discussing the god of love era. Plato then noted down and explained it as platonic love. Plato says there is a succeeding of goals with this type of love. Nowadays it is considered friendship. People can, in this case, assist each regardless of gender without wanting sex out of it or romantically loving the other partner. It is very hard to detect this kind of love as one of the person’s might be attracted to the other

Characteristics of Platonic Love

Platonic love can be easily translated to good friends. In most cases, people may misunderstand each other leaving the other person frustrated. Here are some of its distinctive features to help you cultivate this kind of love.

1. Platonic Love Encourages Honesty

The deep roots of this kind of love are honesty. You say to each anything without fear of losing the other person since you did not have them in the first place. Partners share their secrets and can tell each other anything. You do not have high odds. You can argue, fight to stop talking to each other than come back to talking. It is of an advantage over romantic love since you don’t risk losing the other person. It is more of a stone than a flower. Romantic love is like a flower it must be well cultivated for it prosper. In romantic love, you have a risk of losing the other partner. You are careful in everything you do for your love to continue flourishing. Platonic love, on the contrary, you open up completely with the other person. It brings a sense of relief as one can tell himself out without any fear. In romantic love, appearance seems to be a place of interest between the two. Platonic love on the other side one does not care about the way the other person appears. In Platonic love, it is not that you are not considering the feelings of the other person but you are not putting them first as they would come in romantic love. The platonic lover is durable, unlike romantic love which is delicate. Platonic love can pass through ups and downs that romantic love cannot survive.

2. Platonic Love Respects Boundaries

While pure platonic love would respect no boundaries for your platonic love to work you have to put boundaries between the two of you. Strong boundaries should be kept between both of you. In this case, you are asking yourself questions like what are some of the things we can do together and things we can’t do together. Will it be okay with me if the other person has an affair with another? Your conscience should be the main guide between the two of you. Let it predict your boundaries. This is against pure Platonic love but strong boundaries build also very strong bonds. Know exactly the extent of your Platonic love. As time passes the boundaries are then pushed to higher levels. It is like in a war you have to know the potential threat of your enemies you are going to fight so as to match up to their skills or higher your skills for you to win. High levels of trust should be the foundation of your relationship.

3. Platonic Love Has No Expectations

This is where platonic love again differs from romantic love. When you have a spouse, you expect to spend the rest of your lives together. You have very high expectations for them. These are people you will share a home with and have kids together. There is a high expectation between the two of you. Friendship should be a give and take. But do not expect so much from your Platonic bestie because they simply don’t come first. You are not worried about their electricity bills or if they have taken supper or not. You do not care about whom they will spend after you live them alone. When your Platonic partner is passing through a difficult situation. Everyone wants their Platonic lover to be happy. It is normal when a tough situation succumbs your bestie you naturally get worried. If at any moment you start getting disappointed with your partner ask yourself if feelings are starting to creep in.

Signs of Platonic Love: How to Understand You’re in It

• You love staying around with each other more than your partner. You are cheerful when you are together.
• The platonic lover becomes your prime concern and therefore make the for each other.
• You feel this is the person that best comprehends you.
• Their compliment about your appearance impresses you when you get it from them.
• You adore each moment together. Their images make you happy as they make you commemorate moments.
• You always think of them present in the future. Thoughts of you without them makes you feel heartbroken.
• Many people mystify you as couples.
• You have many common interests.
• You avoid intimacy as much as possible

Benefits of Platonic Love

Platonic love is like friendship and does not depend on sex. Friendship can work out with people of the same sex and it works out the best. Whether a man or a woman platonic love has lots of advantages. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Emotional Development And Wellbeing

Outside the family the first relationship. It helps us to take care of people outside our family. Our mental health growth increases decreasing depression and loneliness.

2. Acting as an Alternative

In different situations such as asking of advice friends act as a different alternative from the family. You get a different perspective of a situation then choose which of the two becomes the best according to your analysis.

3. They Act as a Source of Motivation

It is said to show me your friends I tell you the person you are. Friends act as the drive before making any decision. Your friends will highly affect your decision in any situation.

4. They Improve Communication Skills And Enhance the Good Conversation

Platonic love involves discussing a variety of conversation. In a platonic relationship, you overcome different had topics. Communication skills involve the expression of mental intelligence in talking. Don’t fear to have tough conversations tackle them together. Your skills will then improve as you continue to converse.

5. The Friends Offer a Shoulder to Lean on in Case of Tough Moments

You might be having a tough day from work the platonic mates pay a very big role in cheering you up on a bad day. Tough moments come unplanned but with friends, you can ride through the storms way more easily.

6. Platonic Love Plays a Role in Improving Your Romantic Love

Relationship skills search as compassion, patience is also applicable in romantic love. The skills gained in long term friendships can be practiced in romantic relationships.



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