Types of love rivals (female)

married men
married men

Falling in Love with a Married Man.

Love affair with a married man…Many girls who are involved in ‘hanky-panky’ want to vindicate themselves. Some of them call it ‘true love’ that happens once in a lifetime; some females just feel comfortable in such relationships (a married man will not ask a girl to do his laundry or wash the dishes); some women simply take an affair as a new adventure, a risky game.

Why falling in love with a married man is RISKY? Not to put a man at risk, his girlfriend has to cover up their tracks thoroughly.  ‘Nobody sees, nobody knows, our relationship is a secret that cannot be exposed’, that is the major rule to follow! You are not supposed to share intimacy with anyone, not a scintilla of it!

Conventionally, affairs with ‘men with family obligations’ can be divided into two groups: relations with future and those without it.

Couples of the first category are determined to leave their previous life behind for the sake of ‘true love’, men and women get officially divorced and try to build new relationship.

The cheaters, who belong to the second group, can live in love triangle for years.

We are going to dwell predominantly on the second category. It is the situation when two women and one man cannot or just do not want to resist the circumstances.

A fancy-girl forever

married men

This type of marriage wreckers are involved in adultery for many years. These girls are hopelessly waiting to become ‘the only one’ in man’s destiny. The reasons for that may be low self-esteem, emotional traumas and even, to certain degree, masochism.

These girlfriends never protest. They cry, they get jealous, offended and angry, they accuse, but never turn their phone off. They will never leave their married partner and will never look for ‘a husband’ in a classical sense of the word.

A Mistress by her own choice

These girls are always very proud of their status. Of course, they are motivated by financial benefits only. Men call them ‘gold-diggers’ but still are willing to pay for their luxury life. All the guilt and shame these women put on man’s shoulders. All is fish that comes to their net. They do not even loath to find their future patrons posting ads in the internet.

love with merried ,en

‘Not everything is lost’ type of girlfriend

One can say that a regular woman may prefer married man only for financial benefits. But never say never!  Having fallen in love desperately, some naive girls, put on ‘rose-colored’ spectacles.  Cunning married guys have mastered the art of hiding their marital status. They claim to be ‘divorced’ or ‘separated’, mock with false hopes of wonderful future together…When the truth is discovered, a girl is already deeply in love.

In fact, there is not much good in mixing up with a married guy.

Anyway falling in love with a married man is not the end of life!

So, if he does not plan to grow old with you as his official wife, it is better to break up with him and do not even regret it.



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