What Does It Mean to Have Chemistry With Someone?

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Having chemistry with someone

Having chemistry with someone is an interesting thing. It allows you to connect with that person, to actively show that you are interested in what they have to say and that is extremely interesting and unique. The best part about having chemistry with a person is that you can rely on them and they will understand you as well.

Chemistry Signs You Need to Be Looking For

You feel a rush when they touch you

Do you feel a rush when that person touches you? Then you definitely have chemistry love and you can’t help it no matter what you do. Let’s face it, all these minor things can lead to a great relationship, all you have to do is to give it a shot and start dating.

There’s a clear need for you to cuddle with that person

Cuddling and kissing are intimate things, and you want to do that only with those persons with whom you have a clear chemistry. And that’s obviously a very limited number of people to begin with.

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They only focus on you

If you’re in a crowd and that person focuses solely on you, this is a clear sign of chemistry between the two people. It’s something beautiful, natural and it happens more often than you might imagine.

That person makes you laugh

It does take a little bit to make you laugh uncontrollably. But if that person manages to do that without that much of an effort, then it’s a clear sign you have some chemistry love with that person. Which is why you should reconsider you’re approach and potential feelings towards that person.

a drak-haired girl kissing a man

You don’t have to wonder if they feel the same

When you know deep in your heart that person shares your feelings and ideas, it’s clear that you have a case of chemistry between two people. It’s a beautiful, stunning experience to have and it actively helps you enjoy life in a meaningful and fun way.

If you kiss, you never remember who initiated it

That can be a true challenge, to find someone that you just want to kiss and not notice the little details. If you’re wondering what is chemistry in a relationship, this is definitely a clear example of how such a thing looks like!

couple holding by hands

As you can see, it’s quite easy to identify whether you have a great chemistry with your loved one. Some people have a great professional chemistry as well. It all comes down to the way you connect with that person, the ideas that they share with you and the feelings you have for them/they have for you. Either way, it’s an amazing opportunity and one that has the potential to grow your relationship. This is why we always recommend you to assess your feelings towards someone. You never know who you might have a great chemistry with!



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