What is Your Language of Love?

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We use languages to communicate with others. Even when we are trying to express the feelings of love, we tend to use language. However, the language that we use in this scenario is not similar to the language that we use in our day to day life. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding about what is your love language.

Five Love Languages That You Can Consider

1) Words of affirmation
This is all about using words in order to build up the other individual. You will be making an extra effort in order to remove garbage from the conversations.

2) Gifts
You purchase gifts in order to show that you are thinking about your spouse. In addition, you are also curious to know what your spouse has got for you as well.

a woman giving a gift to a man

3) Acts of service
Acts of service refer to doing something for the spouse, assuming that he would like. This is about washing the dishes, cooking a meal and even vacuuming the floors.

4) Quality time
You tend to pay special attention to your spouse. This will be undivided attention. You are taking a walk together with your spouse. On the other hand, you are also sitting on the couch, while keeping the television switched off.

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5) Physical touch
Physical touch refers to kissing, hugging, holding hands and even sexual intercourse. This clearly indicates that your spouse prefers your touch and being with you.

Languages of love are one of the most popular ways to meet new people and sometimes it will be a great opportunity for you to meet your future soulmate. But it might seem problematic to many men and women everywhere. Languages of love only take a few minutes. Therefore, the main problem many faces is that they fail to set themselves apart from the other daters which will not be unique. Many feel it difficult and will set out the wrong impression due to the pressure. The daters will ask stupid questions which will annoy the other person and the night will be unmemorable. There are many ways that you can stand out from the rest and be unique. Men and women both equally need to stand out in order to impress whoever you are dating. These few tips will help you with the difficulties faced during languages of love.

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Languages of love as I have mentioned is a small-time opportunity for you to meet a potential mate. It is as if you are playing a game of musical chairs. You will have a short period of time to get to know each other since when the buzzer rings you will have sometimes missed an opportunity.

Strategies That Can Be Most Effective For You

Avoid duds and deal breakers

The first thing that you have to do is be kind and avoid being cruel. This will give out the wrong impression and you will never be able to find Mr. Right. At all means you should avoid duds or deal breakers. These include getting to know whether he is a smoker and excessive drinker or being a sport fans which will make you feel lonely during the sports seasons. You should always pay attention to whether he is a dud by observing his cleanliness and discipline. You should keep an eye for how he has dressed for the occasion and observe him thoroughly to get to know whether he is a player or not.

Put your best foot forward

You should also watch out for your own cleanliness since guys nowadays will not go for any girl. This will make you unique and stand out from the rest. Ask a different question from each person just to show that you are not boring and this will attract lot of attention. It also shows that you are sincere, kind, genuine and interesting. Do not take all the time for you speaking and let him speak for some time as well. This will allow you to get to know him well. Also be sure to dress so that you will be unique.

Guys will have a hard time to meet women if not for languages of love. Don’t take me wrong but every one of us don’t have god given Brad Pitt looks which will make girls fall for us. The following tips will help you have a beautiful woman at the end of the languages of love session.

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Be Polite and be confident

Girls like it when guys are being polite and the first impression is the most important in any occasion. Therefore, when you sit down with the girl make sure you look into her eyes, smile and say hello. This will show off your confidence and make you feel polite at the eyes of the girl.

Dress neatly and clean

This is one of the most important facts that has to be done during languages of love. The way you dress and the cleanliness of yours will show the girl how neat and tidy you are which will be a huge plus point.

Now you have a clear understanding about the language of love. With that in mind, you can take the next step, which can help you to end up with a stronger relationship. You will love every bit of experience that comes with that kind of a relationship as well.



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