When is The Best Time to Say ‘I Love You’

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The Best Time to Say “I Love You”: Tips and Secrets

Every relationship always comes through some important steps. The first kiss, the first sex and the first words about love from both of you. It’s often easy with kisses, holding hands and even sex, but might be challenging when it comes to tell about your feelings. How long should you wait before saying “I love you?” How to choose the best time for saying these three magic words? Let’s discover!

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3 Signs that You are Ready to Say I Love You

1. You feel that you truly fell in love. This might happen in a few weeks, several months or in a year. However, in all these cases you’ll just feel that you met the right person. If you want to know the precise stats about other people, most enamored tell it to their partners in 5-6 months after they began dating.

2. You’ve been together long enough. Telling about your feelings on the second date might easily frighten your partner away. That is why, even if you feel you found your true match, take a small break and wait a bit to have a sincere talk with your beloved.

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3. You are ready to tell it. If you feel your heart burning and think that the chemistry between you two is mutual, don’t hesitate to tell these important words to your partner.

Avoid Telling I love You For the First Time in These Cases:

– You are drunk or high. Although you might not realize it, but your brain works differently, when you drank too much or took some weed. Just wait until you get to the right condition and choose a more romantic atmosphere for telling about your feelings.

– During or after sex. Sex is often awesome. You might not truly love a person, but have an incredible sex with him or her. Feelings great physically is usually not the best reason to tell three important words.

– Your match is going for an exam or getting prepared for anything important. Although your words might make them feel incredibly happy, you might distract your crush from something necessary or responsible. It’s better to choose the relaxed atmosphere during your romantic date to make the moment even more special.

All in all, there are no strict rules on how long you should wait before saying “I love you”. Moreover, it is not necessary to wait for your partner’s declaration of love or set up any boundaries for telling about your feelings. Just make your relationship flourish and make all the things go smoothly!

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