Date Ideas For Married Couples to Spice Up Your Relationship

a woman in purple dress and a man in balck suit sitting in cafe with glass of wines

Being married is great. You have someone there to keep you company, to talk to, to share great moments with. You have probably known them for quite a while and they probably know a lot about you.

However, as great as a marriage can be, you can get times when you feel the love dying. Romantic ruts happen, especially when you are stuck doing the same things for every date night, or when you don’t even go on date nights anymore.

Great Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

1.Drunk in love

Take your partner to a winery or any beverage tasting. Hold hands as you walk through the vines sipping some delicious wine and getting just a little bit drunk. Sit and relax, have some delicious food that pairs really nicely with it. Some wineries might even offer you horse rides and an overnight stay. Keep on feeling like you were the couple in love in A Walk in the Clouds.

You can even make it more interesting if you treat it like a romantic getaway and not only date night. Take a weekend escapade and disconnect from all the other duties you both have. You’ll drink a little wine, and make a little love.

a couple with glasses of wines

2. Get Spontaneous

Let’s be honest, part of what made relationships interesting when we were teenagers was that we kept on doing stupid things.

It is proved that a couple who does crazy things together, stays together. Psychologist agrees that adrenaline pumping and placing yourselves in dangerous and unusual situations will get some serious passion into the relationship.

I mean, don’t get caught in the act, and definitely, don’t end up in jail, but try to do some crazy things. Get yourselves into some hot date ideas for married couples. Go skinny dipping, crash a wedding or a bachelorette, go bar hopping, play strip poker. Some friends of mine once sneaked into the London marathon because there were no numbers left and they wanted to run it. Whatever comes to your mind that makes you think “We are not teenagers anymore, we can’t do something that immature, besides, what if we get caught?” Those are the things you need to be doing. Not only for your relationship but for yourself.

3.Reinvent your first date

Again, sometimes what people need is no other than to feel young and in love again. The nervous jitters and sweaty palms, but overall excitement, don’t you miss the feeling? This is as cute as it gets when talking about date night ideas for married couples.

Remind yourselves you are still those young people who laughed at each other’s bad jokes and couldn’t take their hands off each other. Also, it’s mad romantic, to be honest. If you went to dinner and a movie (which I really hope you didn’t) go but see that movie you wouldn’t have been able to see back then and eat at that restaurant you would’ve wanted to go but couldn’t afford. If you went to a concert, check when that group is coming into town again, but buy platinum seats. Remember what it was like to be young, but bring the benefits of adulthood into it. Or just get the full experience, is up to you.

a man with guitar aand woman sitting on blanket

4. Go dancing

Dancing is always a way to really connect with someone. There’s a reason why we waited for the slow songs to dance with the guy you had been flirting with all night.

And it is also a way to feel young and have fun. Go to a club and dance your heart outs. Dance together, dance apart, dirty dance, do crazy dancing routines, slow dance.

Whichever you do, you’ll not only have a lot of fun, but you’ll also pump out adrenaline. Get a little drunk, dance together, take advantage of the fact that you already know your partner’s moves and you won’t get the awkward crashing moments, instead you’ll be synchronized and having a great time.

a couple dancing with passion

5. Go to a swingers party

Ok, I know, this took a turn a little fast. But when talking about hot date ideas for married couples, swinging is as hot as it gets. We were talking about romantic stuff, and dancing, and first dates and now we are talking about swinging.

The thing is, it’s never bad to try new things, and when it comes to something like this two things can happen.

You can either get into the party, have a good time, swing around, know other people and realize you both should’ve done this a long time ago because swinging is your thing.

Or, you can pull a Kirsten and Sandy from the OC and realize you don’t really want to sleep with anyone else, and you definitely don’t want your partner doing it.

Whichever you get, it’ll spice things up and it will have you grown as a couple.



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