The definitive ranking of marriage proposal techniques (women’s view)

marriage proposal techniques

The definitive ranking of marriage proposal techniques: Top 10 best choices

The day of engagement is one of the most important days for any couple. You will definitely remember this awesome moment for years and might even tell about it to your kids in future. So, it is a great idea to make it special, romantic and totally unforgettable. Below you will find the definitive ranking of marriage proposal techniques that will impress your lady and get her ‘YES!’

10. Fireworks. In this case you will need to organize fireworks to be set on certain special time. It will become a backdrop to your romantic marriage proposal. Just prepare a ring, find some picturesque place and ask her to marry you! Your beloved one will be definitely surprised by a great firework after she agrees to marry you.

9. Sand. This proposal is really romantic and easy as 1-2-3. Just find a lonely place on the beach, and write your marriage proposal on the send. You can also decorate this special place with flowers and cute accessories.

8. Romantic dinner. Romantic dinner is a classical option for those ladies, who prefer stability and consistency. You might choose her favorite restaurant, but try to make your dinner a little bit more special with candles and your perfect look.

marriage proposal couple love

7. Sky. This marriage proposal will definitely surprise even the most extreme-loving girls. If she dreams about skydiving, order her a parachute jump and make your marriage proposal as soon as you land on the ground.

6. Night sky. This kind of proposal can be arranged almost everywhere. However, you will need to prepare this secret place (it might be a roof of the skyscraper or just your backyard) in advance. Take care of the romantic atmosphere, candles and, sure, about the most beautiful ring ever.

5. Photography session. You can order a romantic photography session, where both of you will look your best. Not to mention, it might be a common or thematic session, when you suddenly make her a marriage proposal. Her bright emotions will be captured forever!

4. Scavenger hunt. This trick is suitable for those ladies, who love traveling and adventures. Arrange a special quest, where the final stage will become an engagement ring. Do not forget to be around, when she will find her surprise.

3. Private boat. Yacht or private boat is a good choice for romantic hearts. This way, you do not even make something special; the environment of being totally alone in the boundless sea is usually amazing by itself.

ocean marina yacht marriage proposal

2. Hire a band. Live music will definitely add more sentiments to your marriage proposal. Furthermore, if you have your own special song that means a lot for both of you, your beloved woman is likely to get to the cloud nine.

1. Beach. Making proposal on the beach is another option of traditional marriage proposal. Cook a romantic dinner, bring some suitable furnishings and take care of background music. The relaxing evening is the best thing you need for the successful marriage proposal.





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