How to find out whether a woman has romantic feelings to you

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7 Signs a Woman Has Romantic Feelings to You.

Building the relationship can sometimes become really challenging. Having romantic feelings to someone usually makes you feel happy and a little bit high. However, how can you find out, whether you loved one is attracted to you? How to minimize the risks of being rejected? The following are 7 signs a woman really likes you.

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  1. She always has time for you. Your lady will always have time for dating or just talking to you, despite having the tightest schedule. Women are ready to spend their time only with guys they really like. Not to mention, if she spends her weekend or vacation with you rather than with her mates, you have a real chance!
  2. She is jealous. If you woman doesn’t want to share you with any other girl, as well as she demands treating her a little bit special, she is into you. Moreover, she might check your reaction, whether you are feeling jealous too, by holding tighter another guy.
  3. Check her body language. If a lady really likes you, she will flash you her special secret smile, cuddle and stare at you, when you are around. If you want a real adventure, just grab her and see the reaction: if she doesn’t push off, waiting for your next move, give her a kiss! No worries, she will not reject you while being in your arms.
  4. She likes your company. If the lady laughs at all your jokes (even the stupid ones!) or introduces you to her friends, she definitely has romantic feelings to you. If she is ready to spend more and more time with you, it’s time for your next move.
  5. Check on how her best friends treat you. This is the brightest indicator on how the lady is treating you. In case her friends often leave you and your lady on privacy, you have a chance. However, in case they avoid hanging out with you or simply ignore you, it’s definitely time to run away.
  6. She drops some tips. If the lady is interested in your relationship status or wondering about your plans on St. Valentine’s Day, she often hints at her romantic feelings to you.
  7. She treats your special. If your lady does you anything she would never do with any other men, you are important for her. Furthermore, if your girl always ready to help when you feel badly, she is meant for you.

What Should You Do Next?

If you really think that your romantic feelings are mutual, just go ahead! Do the first step by inviting her to the movie, party or any social event. Spend more time with your lady and dive into the world of love!

Life is too short, don’t spend it in doubt!




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