Friendship love vs romantic love: what’s the difference?

romantic love

Friendship love vs romantic love: Are you in love with your best friend?

There is nothing new to you that love and friendship have much in common. You might have deep feelings to your mate, but how can you differ platonic relationship from the real love? Friendship love vs romantic love:  what are the main differences between these two? Let’s find out!

Friendship love vs romantic love: the definitions

Platonic love is usually a non-romantic relationship with your partner. This kind of love usually refers to your best friends, sibling or kids. Platonic love never includes any sexual attraction.

Romantic love can boast all the same spectrum of feelings as platonic love, but it is always fond of seduction and sexual elements. This kind of love usually concerns couples, such as girlfriend and boyfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend or boyfriend and boyfriend.

6 Differences between romantic and platonic love:

  1. You are flirting. If you often establish a long and warming eye contact, touch each other “accidentally” and do all the cute things most couples usually do – your relationship are definitely going to be romantic. Note: if you’ve already kissed, just forget about your friendship and consider dating.
  2. You are jealous. If you cannot stand when your friend is talking or flirting with other fellows, or you constantly want more his or her attention, you might fall for your partner. Moreover, in case your friend is constantly calling and texting you for no reason, your feelings might be mutual.
  3. You want to have sex with your friend. If you dream on having hot sex with your fellow, you might really fell in love. This way, your platonic feelings were replaced by romance and sexual attraction.

  1. You talk about sex. If your friend asked you, whether you want to try some foreplay, he or she might have more deep feelings than you think. In case you feel the same – go ahead with no shame or hesitation.
  2. You are talking too much about your friend with others. If you cannot stop telling about his or her achievements, appearance or hobbies, get ready to initiate an affair. Chances are you have romantic feelings to your “buddy”.
  3. You are too passionate. Platonic love is usually a balanced, calm and caring feeling. Are you too passionate and emotional with your friend? Isn’t it time to tell about your real feelings? Have a good luck!


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