Fun Games for Couples to Play at Home

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As a couple, there are several distractions that could easily result in both of you not taking notice of each other. It could be days apart from each other due to a work trip or the need to help another family member out. During this period, it is what you did during the time that you had together that would occupy the mind of your partner. These things could also determine how soon they want to see you and how much they are going to miss you. Thus, every free time you have to spend with your partner, do not spend it playing your PS4, while she spends it watching her favorite movie. Trust me, you are going to have a lot of personal, lonely times to do that. However, you must learn to take advantage of those few times both of you are really free and create great memories. One of the easiest ways to create memories is by playing games.

Games For Couples to Make Great Romantic Moment

1.Scrabble in a Romantic Way

Scrabble is a game where each player attempts to arrange words available in the dictionary of which they are playing the game. They accomplish this with letters they have selected on the rack and letters that are already available on the board. When playing with your partner, you could decide to set a rule that whenever your partner played a word that is romantic, you could tell your partner to carry out the romantic word. For instance, if your partner plays KISS for KISS, then you could ask your partner to kiss you. This could also apply to cuddle, pet and massage among a thousand other words. To make it even more exciting, you could request that whenever any of the players reaches a particular point, he or she could ask the partner to do something romantic or take off a piece of clothing they are putting on.

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2.A Game of Pictures

It is possible to get a box that you can throw as a dice when you want fun games for couples to play. You could subsequently paste different pictures of a couple doing something romantic like kissing and cuddling among others. For this game, each of the partners could choose 3 romantic acts and feature the picture of these 6 acts on the box. This will give each partner an opportunity to get something romantic he or she wants at that moment. The box can subsequently be tossed as dice and whatever image comes up, the other partner will perform that act on the partner that suggested the picture on the box.

3.Sinking the Ship Game

Sinking the ship game entails a couple pouring beer into a floating glass cup till it sinks. Whoever poured the beer last before the cup sinks lose and is required to rescue the sinking ship by drinking the entire beer. It is best to allow about 5 seconds after a partner pours before the other pours. As opposed to drinking the beer, the other partner should request for a romantic act that would serve the same purpose as rescuing the sinking ship.

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4.Truth or Dare

Usually, we play truth or dare with friends, where we could dare our friends to do some daring things. However, in a company of decent or even not too indecent friends, there is the limit to which such truths or dare could go. Thus, as a couple, behind closed doors, you could both play your own truth or dare game. In this case, it doesn’t have to be about digging out dirty past that could embarrass either of you or make the other person get angry or sad. This would be counterproductive. As opposed to wanting to know what was the nastiest thing they have done with their ex, you should be asking what is their deepest romantic desires. The night could end with one or both partners having their wishes met.

5.Copycat Movie

A lot of couples think the most romantic thing they can do with a partner is going to the cinema to watch movies while munching on popcorn and taking a drink. This is great, but will only be greatest to you if you have never watched a romantic movie with your partner behind closed doors and then try to act out the romantic parts of the movie. Whenever a romantic scene pops up in the movie, both partners then act out the scene, imitating what the actors are doing in the scene as much as possible. This should not mean that there should be a limit as there is room to pause the movie and continue beyond what they were acting should the need arise. You can always come back to continue the movie afterward.

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6.Romantic Scavenger Hunt

This fun game for couples could be played within the house, (especially when you have a very big house and have the time to set it up) or outside the house. Your partner could come home and find instruction to meet you at a particular place. The instruction does not have to be straight forward as you will have to divert their attention quite a bit. They could have had to follow or visit about 10 parts of the house or 10 places on the road before reaching you. Some of the places could be riddles (simple ones), like where you first met or the part of the house you first kissed. Do not make riddles that your partner won’t be able to solve. If you do, they won’t find you and the purpose of the game will be defeated. During the diversions, they might find one or more things they need to bring along, like ice cream, cake, and other items to make it more romantic when they finally locate you.



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