Good Bet Consequences for Couples

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Create a Moment of Fun

The fun of betting is the consequences of the bet. The loser has to do something funny or erotic as agreed. There are several things that you agree on before making a bet. Of course, everyone must be comfortable with the consequences before agreeing to them. Some of the people may feel uncomfortable to bear the consequences and yet they still agree to them in order to keep their spouses happy. That should not be the case because lovers take care of each other emotionally, mentally and psychologically. This means that you should know what your partner likes before you can propose anything as a consequence for losing a bet. Before you became a couple, you had time to understand each other and know what your partner likes and what they do not like. Unless if you want to humiliate them, there is no essence of coming up with extreme or negative consequences.

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Moreover, couples will always bet in order to create an erotic moment or a moment of fun. The essence will obviously be to strengthen the bond between the two. Moreover, it depends on the nature of a relationship that you are in. If you do not live in the same house, then you can try to avoid the things that will revolve around the house for sometimes. Some couples tend to meet in restaurants and bars or any other place so the kind of a bet that you make should be the kind that a person can suffer the consequences while you are.

Also, ensure that the bets do not widen the gap between the two of you. This can be done by ensuring that in the bets, each one of you has equal chances of winning or losing. If you always come up with bets that you know you will always win and your spouse will suffer the consequences then the other party might start avoiding betting moments. The essence is to have fun for both of you so do not have fun alone.

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Funny Bet Consequences

When you have established the needs of your spouse and the things they like or do not like, it is time to suffer the consequences. Well, remember you will be part of it so be prepared. Sometimes, it is more fun for a couple to have bet consequences that will lead to a positive outcome rather than just fun and exploitation.

Do not think about making bets that will only lead to paying for lunch or movie theatre always. It becomes monotonous to limit yourself to a few things yet there is a hoard of consequence that a person can suffer.
Well for starters, you can think about money but it is not very advisable to include money in bets. However, it does not mean that it will not be fun. The way you were creative enough to come up with a bet is the same way that you should be when coming up with consequences.

Think about making your man wear a bikini. Well, it is hilarious but it motivates him to be serious in the game. You can also agree that the loser will tell an embarrassing secret story about themselves or sing to you a love song in public. You can also make the loser eat their worst meal for a whole day. Make sure that you have got all the time to play.

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Best Consequences for Losing a Bet

Productive consequences are virtually the best consequences for losing a bet. You do not have to get hilarious and funny only but if you add something more productive, it becomes extremely fun. Think about agree with your spouse that the loser will have to take on dinner duties for a few days. In a house, couples tend to assist each other to do the house chores. After all, at the end of the day, all of you will arrive in the house exhausted after work so sharing duties is just a way to show care and avoid overburdening one side. However, there are several duties that need your attention. Making your spouse take on the dinner duties can give one side a break and more time for you to be working on something else.

Moreover, you can make your spouse do dishes used during the day. Everyone has to agree about it but if your spouse has no problem with such a consequence then you can put it on the table. Other best consequence for losing a bet include taking on the garbage duties. That is just the perfect wager for the loser because no one wants to get around the garbage.

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You can also bring newborn baby duties to the table but this is only limited to those with newborn babies. Many men might not for this but if he agrees, make him change the kid’s diapers for a few times. You can also think about laundry folding, driving duty or a master of the remote control.

It does not have to be all about duties when someone loses a bet. Amidst duties, come up with a hilarious consequence that will make the whole moment lovely. Think about a consequence like a laundry folding while you wear your partner’s underwear.

You can also agree that the loser will have to carry you on your back every time you want to visit the bathroom. However, the fun consequences for losing a bet should always be fun to both sides which means that they must be agreed upon. Do not force it if your partner does not agree to it. You can also come up with something funny like the loser having to wear their partner’s underwear as a cap while doing something like washing the house.



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