How to Kiss Like a Pro: 10 Hot Tips for Beginners

woman and man kissing each other

Top Prompts for Newbies on How to Kiss Like a Pro

First kiss is one of the most unforgettable moments in the life of every person. Is it possible to make this experience really awesome? How to kiss like a pro, even if you have never kissed before?

These tips will help you feel more confident and get the most of your first kiss!

– You need to really want it. The basic rule for a good kisser is an incredible desire and chemistry between the partners. Avoid kissing someone under the pressure or in case everyone else has already kissed. You need to want it right here, right now and with the right person.

– Choose the best place and environment. Although you might have a strong desire to kiss when you have flu, simple don’t do this. The same idea goes to choosing inappropriate time and place for kissing, for example your crush’s grandma house or a just few minutes before an exam.

kissing during sunset

– Follow basic manners. Fresh breath is the MOST important part for a perfect first kiss. Avoid eating onions, garlic and cheese.

– Use simple balm. Although your lip gloss might look really sexy on your lips, guys don’t like kissing slimy lips. Just use a classical lip balm to make your lips smooth and attractive.

– Mirror the actions of your partner. If you are likely to have a first kiss and simply don’t know what you should do, just follow your partner.

– Be more confident. If you really like, when you partner starts kissing you, don’t be too shy to respond to the kiss. Be opened and easy going.

– Start slow. Forget about these passionate kisses you’ve seen in the movies. A perfect kiss starts slowly and then just makes you go crazy. Don’t be in a hurry to show your wild passion.

– Avoid using your tongue too quickly. Kissing is amazing; don’t make it quick and harsh.

– Kiss is not everything. Making gifts, embracing and just holding hands is really cool, too. Furthermore, you can easily combine some pleasant things with kissing.

holding umbrella while kissing

– Use your hands. Choosing the best place for your hands might easily make the moment more romantic. Just tease your partner, embrace or just hold him or her tightly; up to you!

– Don’t make your first kiss too long. Make your partner want more the next time!

– Close your eyes and relax. Closing your eyes might easily make your feelings more intense and intimate.

All in all, an incredible first kiss depends on your feelings and chemistry rather than your kissing techniques. Just follow your gut and enjoy the moment!



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