Love and romance: what is the difference?

Love and romance

What is the difference between love and romance?

Love and romance often go close to each other. Since they are related in certain content, many couples face with some difficulties in distinguishing love and romance.

What is true love?What is true love

Love is an overwhelming feeling of deep affection and devotion. Moreover, true love is also about sacrifice and commitment. You are ready to help your beloved one, share all his/her joys and sorrows, as well as to walk hand in hand the whole life.

Love has plenty of different forms, including parent love, non-romantic love and romantic one. The manifestations of love also vary from companionship, affection, loyalty and security.

What is romance?

What is romance

Romance is usually not so deep feeling. Romance can be also called a behavior and gestures of passionate relationship. In other words, romantic love is the way you express your feelings to the person you like. Romance usually includes staying on private, presenting gifts and having sexual desire. The partners might feel excitement, thrill and deep warmth to each other. Moreover, in many cases romance might become the first stage of love.

What is the difference between love and romance?

  • Love is a deep emotion that you can feel to your partner, parents or other people. It is about devotion and affection. Romance is a feeling of exhilaration.
  • Love can have various forms, while romance is usually an inevitable part of true love.
  • Love is static. You might love someone even after the break up. Romance always ends when you finish your relationship.
  • Love is content, while romance is just a group of actions and specific behavior.
  • On one hand, love is not selfish, it serves. On the other hand, romance can often become self-centered. Love is when you take care about your sick partner, when you remind him or her to take pills and when you introduce your beloved one to your family. Romance is just bringing flowers, going to movies and having a candlelit dinner.
  • Romance is momentary, while true love can last the whole life.

All in all, love and romance are the important parts in every relationship.

We wish you to love and to be loved!






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