Make her heart melt: 120 sweet things to say to a girl

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120 sweet things to say to a girl: Top heart-melting phrases

Choosing the right words is incredibly important to heat up your romantic flame. From time to time, you should let your lady know how much you need her. However, many guys often lack of perfect phrases and sweet things to express their deep feelings and true love. Below you will find a list of 120 sweet things to say to a girl to brighten your daily routine and make her feel special.


  1. There are only three steps for me to be really happy: you, me and our happy couple forever.
  2. My life became absolutely perfect when I met you.
  3. You often take my breath away.
  4. I would go through any difficulties just to see your amazing smile.
  5. I would like to wake up next to you for thousands of mornings.
  6. Many people believe that love often hurts, but I am ready to take this risk with you only.
  7. I am constantly thinking of you.
  8. I miss you so much.
  9. You are the reason of my happiness.
  10. My thoughts always head in your direction.
  11. I love you being perfect, but I love your imperfections even more.
  12. I would like to stay with you forever.
  13. My love to you is growing stronger every minute.
  14. I really like being yours.
  15. You are the only person I am ready to fight for.
  16. I will do everything to make your smile never fade.
  17. You know the secret way to make me happy.
  18. You turned my world upside down.
  19. I am feeling lost without you.
  20. I am an addict to your hugs and kisses.
  21. Listen to my heart: it beats faster when you are around.
  22. I run for you every day.
  23. You make me go crazy for you.
  24. You are my real
  25. You have stolen my heart and soul and I really like it.
  26. You are my dictionary, since you add a meaning to my life.
  27. Just never forget how much I love you.
  28. I would like to hold your hand forever.
  29. I promise to stay with you the whole life.
  30. I can conquer the whole world, if you hold my hand.
  31. My life without you is like a broken pencil, it is absolutely pointless.
  32. I did not believe in true love, until I met you.
  33. I can always count on you, my love.
  34. You are my heart, my love, my soulmate and my best friend at the same time.
  35. I have never had so deep and sincere feelings before I met you.
  36. I am happy to feel myself real me behind you.
  37. I would do anything to make you smiley and happy.feel met
  38. I feel tightly connected to you, like we have been together for dozens of years.
  39. I hate to say good-bye to you. I always want to stay behind for longer.
  40. You are my dream.
  41. I fall in love with you deeper each day you are beside me.
  42. I do not want to let you go.
  43. You were made just for me.
  44. The world becomes brighter and more beautiful when you are close to me.
  45. I would like to look at you the whole life.
  46. Your love is the most valuable thing for me.
  47. The story of our love should become the most beautiful love story.
  48. Your smile makes me feel happiness.
  49. I need you by my side.
  50. Your love is the most valuable gift for me.
  51. You are the best thing in my future.
  52. If I had a choice once again, I would always choose you.
  53. I am always excited to see you any time of day and night.
  54. You make me a better person.
  55. I did not even expect to have such a perfect girlfriend.
  56. You are my lovely sunshine.
  57. I am grateful for your love.
  58. Your kiss and hugs are my best presents ever.
  59. You are the only thing I want for Christmas.
  60. You have stolen my heart.good wife
  61. You are all I ever needed.
  62. You are amazingly beautiful.
  63. I fell in love when I first saw your face.
  64. My best place in the world is just where you are.
  65. You are my lovely angel.
  66. I am so glad to stay with you.
  67. You are the brightest adventure in my life.
  68. I am going crazy when you touch me.
  69. I have not ever met so caring and incredible person like you.
  70. You are the real beauty.
  71. You often make me feel weak at knees.
  72. You are the true meaning of my life. I will do everything for you.
  73. How can you be so pretty all the time?
  74. I cannot stop thinking of you all the time.
  75. Meeting you is the most awesome thing ever happened to me.
  76. You make me feel on a cloud nine.
  77. I like your smell.
  78. Your skin is perfectly soft.
  79. I want to spend my life trying to make you happier every day.
  80. I love you just the way you are.
  81. I feel hurt when you are sad.
  82. I want to kiss you every morning and every night my whole life.
  83. I wish I could have met you earlier.
  84. Your smile makes my heart melt like an ice cream.
  85. You perfectly understand me.
  86. You always know the best ways to surprise me.
  87. You look amazingly cute when you laugh.
  88. I often dream of you.
  89. I thank God for loving you.
  90. I would like to have your kiss every morning rather than having a cup of coffee.coffe
  91. You are magical.
  92. I want our hearts to beat together forever.
  93. Eternity is not enough to describe how much I love you.
  94. I want to keep your heart safe till the end of your days.
  95. I would like to hug you the whole day.
  96. I hope you think of me as much as I think of you.
  97. I cannot get you off my head.
  98. Our love will be the strongest feeling ever existed.
  99. I am thankful for all you do for me.
  100. I want to stay with you for years and even the whole eternity.
  101. Live in my heart for absolutely no rent.
  102. You are very sexy.
  103. You totally changed my life.
  104. You are really stunning.
  105. Thank you for your true love.
  106. I am the happiest guy in the world when you are close to me.
  107. I am always looking forward to seeing you.
  108. I will never forget the first time I saw you.
  109. I am the luckiest person, since I have met you.
  110. I like to hear your voice.
  111. I want to grow old with you only.
  112. Your color of eyes is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
  113. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  114. I really love your soul.
  115. I will always try to impress you, even in dozens of years.
  116. You are adorable.
  117. You are my inspiration.
  118. The greatest pleasure for me is to love you.
  119. You are the most important person to me.
  120. My love for you has no boundaries.


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