New Love Bets to Level Up the Bonding in Your Relationship


Bet means when you confirm an outcome and if the same not happen then the other person can ask you to do something and vice versa. But here we are going to talk about only sweet and lovely bets for your partners.

Love Bets

Love bets are those bets which happen between couples or lovers. These are not very difficult to do. All these bets shown in the list are very easy. And these are only meant to increase the love between couples.

Bets for Couples

Here I have made a list of love bets you can try in this new year with your partner and increase the bonding between your relationship.

1. Give you Massage

If your partner loses the bet you can ask him/her to give you a massage. This will give you relaxation too and the other person has to do something which does not happen on a daily basis. This will create a special moment for both of you. This will also be enjoyed by your partner.

2. Date night

Ask your partner to organize a date night for you. As it may be for a long time that you have not planned any date. So, this is the right time, ask your partner to do the same, go outside and enjoy the moment.

3. Ask for some gift

Ask them to give you a gift of your choice. You can ask them to buy you anything of your choice. This will create a habit in him to give you gifts and make you feel special. The gift is the epitome of love that partners use to show their love towards each other.

4. Movie plan

Do you want to see a movie for a very long time or your partner is not able to give you time for a movie date? Then this is the right time, ask your partner to take you to watch a movie. And enjoy the movie together. Make sure both of you watch a romantic movie, that can create a moment of love for both of you.

5. Do your work

You can ask them to do your work or help with your work. This can be any household work or any outside work. Make them help you and enjoy that. As this is not general that they help in your work then why wait, for now, go ahead and ask them to do your work.

6. Make food for your

After losing the bet you can ask your partner to make food for you if it doesn’t happen normally. This way they will spend some time with you to make you feel special. You can ask them to make any of your favorite food items. Or you can also let them make your favorite food himself, in this way you will also get to know how much he knows about you.

7. Buy your flowers

If they don’t buy you flowers generally, then ask your partner to give you flowers every day for a week. So, that they can think for a whole week about you and keep in mind to buy flowers for you. Make a place in his mind and heart. And let him think about you for every second.

8. Treat you like a princess for 1 day

Ask him to treat you like a princess for a whole day. And make them do whatever you want. For a whole day, he will make food for you, will do your work, and say yes to everything you will ask him to do. This is very interesting, try this at least once you will feel special after that.

9. Kiss in front of friends

Kiss is something you do after accepting your love. So, make him kiss you in front of your friends which means he is accepting his love for you. And make you feel special in front of everyone else. This will act as a confirmation that he truly loves you and will not leave you in any situation.

10. Praise you in public

Ask him that whenever he gets a chance, he will praise you in public. And show the world how much he loves you and let everyone know he is yours. Praising you in public will make his praise in privacy too which is very good.

11. Take you to your favorite restaurant

Do you have a favorite restaurant, that he is not aware of? Then ask him to take you there and ask him to pay the bill. Or you can also take him yourself. You will surely enjoy this precious time together.

12. Buy a dress for you

Do you have a favorite dress which you wanted to buy for too long? Then don’t wait this time, this is the right chance to ask him to buy that dress for you. And get ready in that dress for him.

So, we have shown you some ideas which you can implement or you can try some of your ideas to tease your partner. Only make sure that these bets should not be very hard to do, as it will make your partner lose interest in the game and he/she will refuse to do the same.



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