The most popular landmarks where people propose

popular landmarks

Where to pop the question? Top 10 most popular landmarks where people propose

Many people find the day they get engaged to be one of the most important moments in their lives. However, finding the best place for making proposal is often challenging. What are the greatest places on Earth to get engaged? Here you will find a list of the most popular landmarks where people propose.

    1. Disney world/Disneyland. A place of miracles, amazing castles and dreams of millions of people worldwide, remains to be the most popular places for making proposal. Start your happy life together in a wonderful fairytale!Disney worldn Disneyland Start they happy life together
    2. Eiffel Tower, Paris. France is a country of love and romance and Paris is its heart. You can easily find plenty of wonderful sceneries near the Eiffel Tower to make the most important step in your photo
    3. The Hollywood Sign in California. Incredible lights of Los Angeles and the bright atmosphere will definitely make the heart of your crush melt.
    4. Brooklyn Bridge in New York. One of the most beautiful bridges worldwide is a symbolic place to unite your hearts. Thousands of couples get engaged in this place annually.
    5. Central Park, New York. Awesome valleys, cute bridges and surely the best sceneries of the city make hundreds of people propose in one of the greatest places in New York.
    6. Niagara Falls, Ontario. The breathtaking views of the falls are likely to impress everyone. Your match will be impressed even more being proposed to here.
    7. Central Lakes Park, Minnesota. You will be surprised, but Central Lakes Park is much more popular for making proposals than the world-famous Eiffel Tower.
    8. Bondi Beach Sydney. The sunny beach, golden sands and relaxing atmosphere will definitely make your crush say “YES!” to your proposal.Bondi Beach Sydney
    9. The London Eye, the UK. This place with amazing views of London lights and sceneries, remain to be one of the hottest spots for making a proposal in Europe.
    10. Grand Canyon, Arizona. Another picturesque place for getting engaged is likely to bring both of you unforgettable memories.

All in all, choosing the right place for making a proposal is usually exceptionally important for ladies mostly. Therefore, if you are planning to engage, try to find out, what is the place of her dreams to get a proposal (her friends might really help).



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