Step Out of the Routine: Ways to Bring Romance Back to Your Marriage

a woman hugging a man from behind

Being married is great, or not. It really depends on when you are seeing it from, to be honest. As great as knowing someone as well as you know your spouse can be, routine always ends up getting to marriage.

The thing is, the routine can kill your marriage. Whether you are one of those couples who have a date night once a week or you go out every once in a while, dinner and a movie can’t be every date anymore.

Being married is great, you both probably have your own money and can actually do good things on a date, you are not teenagers anymore who can only afford Netflix and (maybe) popcorn. Now that you don’t have your parents breathing on your neck (and you probably haven’t in a while), you can do a lot of things.

We going to tell you something we all know, marriage takes work. You have to think of it as dating, cause you still have to put in the same effort, but kicked up a notch. However, coming up with romantic date ideas for married couples can be a little hard.

Top Date Ideas to Bring Romance Back to Your Marriage

1. A horse-drawn carriage ride

Unless your spouse is afraid of horses, being in a carriage will take you right into your favorite fairytale. Also, it is a very original way to go sightseeing.

a carriage with horses at lake

2. A drive-in movie

If you have been married for a long while, you probably did this in some of your first dates. If you didn’t then it still is romantic as hell. Very Grease and all. Not only that but if you think about it, a man and a woman, alone, in a car. It can get fun.

3.Schedule a private tasting at a local vineyard (or one that is close enough to drive to it)

You two probably like wine. That’s what adulthood does to you, love wine. However, it isn’t only about that, many vineyards are romantic sceneries, and you can drink some wine, eat some pairing plates. They’ll offer everything you need to have a nice date, and maybe a spicy night after all the wine.

Hands of a man and a woman with glasses of wine

4. Go to the Opera

Ok, the opera might not be for everyone, but if you’ve never been, it is something you definitely have to try. Not only is it an amazing cultural experience, but you can also recreate that Pretty Woman scene we all love so much.

Kidding aside, dressing up in formal attire and going to see a story you both can be interested in will ensure a fun night. You can even pretend to be knowledgeable and look for some facts about the opera to impress your partner. And, if you just didn’t like it at all, at least you have something to hate on together.

5. Catch a live sporting event

Every family has that one sport you don’t miss on TV, ever. For my family it was football, and the first time my dad took my mom to a Cowboys game I think they conceived my brother.

Kidding aside, sports are a great way to spend a date. You both enjoy it, they’re exciting and loud, and it is probably something you share. So going on date night to one of this and being excited all over a team you like is definitely going to be a very fun night.

a couple doing sport together

6. Have a picnic

A picnic at the beach is as romantic as it gets. However, we can’t all drive to the beach any day, but we can all drive to a park. Cook some of your partner’s favorite meals or sandwiches, bake a nice dessert for them and surprise them by taking them on this date. You have to admit a picnic is a romantic date idea for married couples, or for anyone really.

a couple going to picnic with a corb and a blanket

7.Create a scavenger hunt

Ok, this one might sound childish, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to have a unique date. Send a little time preparing everything and gathering some creativity. You can do it through meaningful places all around the city, or just around your house. Create clues only they can answer, bring memories back. The thing is, your partner will see you made an effort and you’ll both have a hell lot of fun.

8. Check out a comedy club

This is one of those date ideas for married couples you might never think of but that is super easy and where you’ll both have a good time. Sometimes life gets the best of us and what you both need is to get some dinner and laugh a little. A brilliant comedian can have you laughing all night, about love, marriage, kids, you name it. It is relatable and you will lighten up after a tough week.



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