Tips on How to Create Romantic Tension With a Man

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Trying to Create Romantic Tension with the Other Person

Romantic tension can affect a man or a woman in two ways:

Being not together:
When you are not together with someone you deeply love and not in any relationship with them, then this can lead to a depressive effect on both the persons, who feel so passionately about each other.

Both the person can feel despondent and dejected and have a feeling of longing for the other person. Psychologists advice on such issues that any person in such a condition should see counselling and talk it out. They also advise to try to talk to the person you really like so much and probably start a healthy relationship with them.

Being with a partner:
In the case of already being in a relationship i.e. living with your partner, this romantic tension is considered quite healthy by health experts. You actually need to build romantic tension.

Sexual health experts point out that in order for a relationship to be happy, enjoyable and long lasting, it is necessary that you always aim to build romantic tension.

Create romantic tension

As mentioned above sexual health experts advise women to always keep building romantic tension, this can also have the following advantages for you and your male partner:

  • Your partner will never be bored:
  • When you build up romantic tension with your man, he will not be bored by the everyday intimate acts that you enjoy together. He’ll always be looking out for you and seek your love.
  • Your partner will always want to be close to you: When you are building up romantic tension, then your guy will also try to do the same. He may get closer and try to kiss you or hug you and really start to like all this.
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  • You’ll be sure your man is not looking somewhere else: When you have your partner focused on you. You’ll be sure he is not looking anywhere else towards another woman. Or he is trying to cheat on you. You two can then build a relationship of mutual trust and this is the key to have a continued relationship.
  • You’ll enjoy being together: In such a situation, both you and your partner will always enjoy being together and really love that feeling. You’ll never want to be apart and always keep longing for each other.
  • .Feel happy and satisfied: You and your man will have a happy life and always feel satisfied with your partner. This is nowadays very hard to achieve for a lot of people and face problems like lack of trust or having your partner cheat on you. But with proper you can keep both of you happy and satisfied.
  • Have a lasting relationship: Psychologists say that you can have a lasting relationship by always keeping building romantic tension and aiming to keep your partner happy.
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Tips for Women

For a woman to create romantic tension, here are the tips :

  • Texting and more texting: You should always be texting your partner throughout the day when they are at work. Asking him how his day is going? Is he thinking about you? What did he have for lunch? This will tell your man that you never stop thinking about him and really care for him.
  • Love notes: You should send love notes, either a typed one or a voice note, with some really cute lines and telling him how much you love him. You can call him by your nickname and try to tease him with some flirty lines.
  • Emojis and stickers: You can send your man kiss emojis and stickers of with lots of kisses and hugs, you should always make him feel loved and being in a romantic mood. So, you know that you successfully have built romantic tension.
  • Flirting: Always try to be in a flirty mood. Whenever with your partner, you should always try to flirt with your partner by saying something directly or indirectly. And indicating that you want to get really close and intimate.
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  • Kissing and pinching: Two things which will really light a fire are, kissing your man, on the neck or the cheeks. Or you can pinch him on his cheeks, bite on his ears and so on. This will surely build up romantic tension.
  • Talking in a creative way with your partner: One very interesting thing is when you two are sitting together, you can talk to them in a fun way. You can tell them that you are deeply in love with someone and really fall for their looks and their style. You can say all this by making indirect references to your partner, but in a way that he knows that you are talking about him. This will make him feel really happy and also create romantic tension.
  • Dress up: You should dress up in a sexy way, so that your partner is bound to notice you and not want to take his eyes off. His attention will be towards you all the time and he’ll naturally have romantic feelings for you.


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