Top Best Summer Date Ideas for 2018

summer date on the beach

Top 20 Summer Date Ideas for 2018

Going for a date in summer is really amazing. There are plenty of options for happy couples, where to spend their leisure time together. Still hesitate, which date idea will definitely impress your new crush?

Here you will find top cute summer date ideas that can be arranged with minimum efforts.

1. Open-air. The brightest event that will definitely make both of you full of energy and provide tons of positive emotions is music festival. What can be better than listening to your favorite band and kissing under the night sky with your beloved?

2. Horseback riding. Although you might never ride a horse before, this kind of date is still hitting the best summer dates ideas. It is interesting, pleasant and absolutely unforgettable.

3. Have a bike ride. Riding bikes in picturesque places gives you plenty of possibilities: racing, taking pictures and just relaxing in the most stunning places is always really great.

4. Golf. Ready to try something new? Golf is here to help! Being one of the best summer kinds of sports, golf also remains to be one of the top summer date ideas.

5. Zoo. Visiting zoo might look childish only for the first glance. However, it is much better to watch cute animals in real life rather than in dozens of videos.

6. Botanical garden. All the ladies like flowers. Isn’t is a good idea to look at hundreds of different unique flowers and bushes to amaze her?

date in Botanical garden

7. Drive-in movie. Being a perfect alternative for classical cinemas, drive-in movies are still one of the best options for summer date.

8. Hiking. Hiking to another city will definitely provide you with plenty of picturesque landscapes. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water for you and your beloved!

9. Watch sunrise. Watching summer sunrise might become one of the most romantic moments of your couple. The same thing goes to night sky!

10. Picnic. Picnic in the park is always cheap, cute and easy to arrange. Have fun together!

picnic in the park

11. Baseball game. This classical type of dates is the best option for hot summer evenings. Adrenalin rush and your passion might make wonders!

12. Make ice-cream together. Creating anything together can easily make your hearts united. Try to make ice-cream and enjoy it sitting at your backyard. Easy, money-saving and cute!

13. Visit a farm. If both of you are big city dwellers, visiting farm can easily blow your mind. Taking a look at harvesting and awesome animals is exceptionally entertaining.

visiting a farm

14. Go camping. Try to plan a trip together: prepare some meals, make a fire and feel like you are the only ones in the whole world!

15. Water gun fighting. Another cool option for a summer date is having a fight using your water guns. It’s refreshing, fun and really cool!



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