Top 10 Board Games for Couples

a couple palying chess and eating chips

Couples love to play many games when they are free. They prefer to play board games always. As it allows them to play staying at home. It increases the bonding between themselves. They come closer to each other playing this game. It also helps them to spend their free time and leisure. They can spend time together playing these games. This is why board games are popular among couples.

These games can make you understand each other’s emotion, thoughts, values, etc. You can also spend time together with each other. These games can give you a lot of advantages. Whenever you have some free time, you can play these games and have some fun together.

Best Board Games for Couples

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

If both of you are mystery and adventure lover, then it can be helpful enough to entertain you. It is a great board game. There are ten cases available in this game and you both need to solve them with your intelligence. It is a game of patience and intelligence. It will increase both of your detective skills. It will take 3-4 hours to play.


It is also quite popular among couples. It is a puzzle game. You and your partner will have a great time playing it. It is quite easy to play and you can play it as many times as both of you want as you won’t feel bored for a second. It can increase both of your mental skills.


This game is a bit different from the other ones. But it is also exclusively for two peoples. It is a competitive game. Both of you can have a great time together while competing with each other. It can increase your bonding with your partner for sure. The gameplay is quite easy and understandable. You won’t find any difficulties learning this game.

T.I.M.E. Stories

It’s a controversial game. Back in 2015, it created a lot of chaos for its gameplay. But it is a nice option for couples to play. It is a sci-fi game. You both can have a lot of fun playing this game. It is a lengthy game though. It consumes six hours to finish.


It is the most popular board game around the world. It can be a favorite for the couples also. If both of you can play chess, then you can have a very nice and fine time together playing this game. It will help you to understand the thinking of both of you. It is surely a great option to play. There is no specific time limit for this game. The battle will be between the intelligence of both of you.

a couple holding cards and playing a board game


This game is very popular in ASIA. In this region, couples love to play Ludo. It is enjoyable and entertaining. You need to roll a dice in this game. Rolling dice creates more enthusiasm in this game as you don’t know what can be the result. It is a very exciting game for couples.


Monopoly can increase your and your partner’s business skills. Because this game allows you to earn cash, buy property, utilize it, etc. You both can have an exciting time while playing it. This game will increase the bonding between you and your partner. You both can understand and realize the thought of each other. Monopoly is a game of dealing. You can know how your partner can deal with situations.


Uno is one kind of card game. It is actually popular and famous among the children. But a number of people still love it when they grow up. So, if you and your partner love to play Uno then surely try this one. You will surely have a great nostalgic time together. Uno will make you laugh and give you back some old memories.

Card game

The card game can be the best option to play with your partner. There are a lot of varieties in a card game. You can play call bridge, Italian bridge, 3 cards, 7 cards, etc. These games are quite popular all over the world. You and your partner can also try them out. You can both enjoy playing any type of card games. Card games need a great amount of intelligence. Both of you can check each other’s intelligence through a board game.


It is the last name on this list. It has smooth and easy gameplay. It can be your best option to spend quality time together with your beloved partner. It is a competitive game. So, you will be in a competitive vibe all the time. It will help you to understand the thoughts of each other.


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