Why so Many Men Stop Being Romantic in Relationship?

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Lost Romance: How to Retrieve It Again?

Romance is one of the inevitable parts of any new relationship. But the time passes and you might easily feel your romantic moments become more and more rare. What are the true reasons for losing romance? How can you get it back? Here are the answers!

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Top Common Reasons He is Not Romantic Anymore

1. You’ve stuck in routine. Many couples have the same everyday routine with almost no bright moments. If you both of you are working too much, or you have little kids or have the same schedule for weekends, your life might easily become dull and routine. The best option to bring back romance to your relationship is to retrieve it by yourself. Arrange an unusual weekend for the whole family (travel or just visit parks and restaurants), leave your kids with nanny and go to the movie with your loved one, buy him anything he really likes and take care of your beloved. Your loved one will surely notice these signs of love and affection and is likely to try being romantic, too.

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2. Anger. Do you fight too often? Do you have any unresolved conflicts? Feeling angry with your partner’s behavior? How can he become romantic with an aggressive and angry lady? Try to elevate your communication to the new level, be more loyal to his drawbacks and leave all the bad issues in the past. Your loved one will become happier and more romantic, when he feels you are relaxed and easy going.

3. Mistrust. Lack of romance might be also caused by lack of trust in the relationship. It’s important to clear out all your fears and doubts with your partner to get rid of any negative past experiences. Try to rebuild trust in your couple, keep your word and rely on your partner.

4. Different views on romance. Many ladies have too high expectations concerning romance in the relationship. Having breakfast near the Eiffel tour with your beloved is surely romantic. Bringing flowers each day is also amazing. However, both of options look like too much for almost any man. Watching Netflix and eating pizza together is really romantic for thousands of guys. Therefore, you should tell your partner, what romance is in your viewpoint, tell your preferences and just accept any of his manifestations of love (although the might be done in uncommon way).

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5. Sex issues. Having sex problems is likely to be reflected in the romance in your couple. Are you often too tired for sex? Do you often refuse to massage, tease or cuddle your partner? The secret truth your partner might unconsciously feel offence. Take a break, go on vacation, and bring something new to your bedroom to make your life more sex-rich. When both of you are satisfied both mentally and physically, the romance will surely come back to your relationship.



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