7 Lies That are OK in Relationship

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Top 7 White Lies That Can Be Told With No Harm

Lies are one of the most common reasons for breakup. However, not all the kinds of lies can cause such a negative impact. Furthermore, there are still some facts that you should better avoid telling to your loved one. What are the white lies in relationship? Can lies be even useful for your feelings?

7 Harmless Lies that Are OK to Tell

1. Your attitude to your loved one’s close friends and relatives. You might just can’t stand his irritating school mate, but if your partner values this friendship, it’s better to tell the lies about your attitude towards him. This rule comes for all the other people, whom your beloved really loves.

Note: the same idea is applicable for what your family and friends feel about your love. If your cousin doesn’t enjoy your partner’s company, there is no need to tell it to your beloved. You might have a big family and plenty friends; so your partner can be easily displeased for a couple of your relatives.

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2. The number and sex of your sexual partners. Leave your former relationship in the past. How many people you had sex with? It’s only your own personal business. Some people are OK to know the numbers, someone are not. So, you can’t meet all these expectations. Not to mention, telling untruth about the number of your lovers is the most common white lies in the relationship.

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3. Your fantasies. Do you still dreaming about having sex with a hot pop star? There is absolutely no need to tell it to your partner. It might easily hurt his or her feelings for no reason. The same thing goes with your past awesome sexual experiments. If you want to add some spicy things to your bedroom, go ahead, but avoid telling your loved one, who studied your these cool techniques.

4. Telling “Fine”. If you are just tired of everything, filling exhausted and upset, you might not describe all these feelings to your love one. Just have a rest, sleep well or go to the vacation. However, if you feel you can’t cope with all these stuff, don’t hesitate to tell the truth to your beloved.

5. Telling which of your loved one’s friends you would like to date. Although it’s a common game for thousands of ladies, never tell your girlfriend, which of her friends you might date if you hadn’t met her. This is a trap. Telling lies in the relationship is absolutely okay for this reason.

6. Some hobbies that you actually don’t like. If your partner is fond of karaoke, it’s better to lie that he or she is an awful singer. If the hobby is valuable for your loved one, avoid telling the truth if you can’t stand it. However, if he or she is fond of going to crazy parties, while you prefer watching movies at home, it’s a good idea to tell the truth.

7. Comparison to exes. Your former partner might be really gorgeous in the bedroom. However, your beloved might be easily upset to hear this news. Just be careful not to harm the feelings of someone you love.



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