Communication Styles: Which one is yours?

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Talking the Same Language: 5 Common Communication Styles

Every couple has its own unique relationship atmosphere. There is nothing new that talking the same language is vital for loving partners. However, people often establish relationship with the person with completely different temper, features and viewpoints. Is it possible to build mutual understanding and deep trust in this case? Sure! But you will need to find out, what communication style is the basic one in your couple. Below you will find a list of most common communication styles of millions of couples worldwide.

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5 Basic Communication Styles in the Relationship

1. Aggressive. Although this communication style remains to be ineffective, it is still one of the most common ones. The partner believes that his or her needs are more important than the others, acting aggressively and being hostile. People with this communication style often speak loudly, have fast gestures and are absolutely unpredictable and explosive.

2. Assertive. This way of communication is considered to be the healthiest option for loving people. Being assertive is something between passive and active. If of you have high self-esteem, avoid manipulation and are usually polite, you are likely to have a perfect communication style. You often establish eye contact, have even gestures and open posture. All these features are signs of a properly arrange communication in the couple.

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3. Passive-aggressive. This way of companionship is also common between thousands of couples. It often includes sarcasm, complaining and (in some cases) hidden aggression. This style of communication often appears between people, who feel powerless and desperate.

4. Manipulative. This one is a common method of communication for people, who likes to control the others, influence on their viewpoints and take advantage from all this stuff. They usually don’t speak directly, wear masks and uses a wide range of different facial expressions.

5. Submissive. These are usually calm people, who hate fights and prefer stability rather than confrontation for any matters. They might blame others and act like a real victim from time to time.

How to Improve Your Style of Communication?

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– Listen carefully. Being a good listener will lead you to better understanding of your partner. Show genuine interest and keep in touch with your partner’s life.

– Ask. If you are not sure about what’s happening and what feelings your partner has to any issue, you’d better ask direct questions. Sometimes something you feel to be a knick-knack might become challenging for your partner. Don’t guess, but just ask.

– Study your partner’s body language. Your loved one’s secret signs of body language can tell you even more than his or her words. There are still plenty of things that should be felt rather than told.


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