Emotional Intimacy: 7 Ways to Connect


If your relationship is going through turbulent times, there are lots of things you might consider as the reasons for these issues. However, in most cases, a lack of intimacy in a relationship is the root of most emotional discord and loneliness that we experience in a relationship. Without effective emotional intimacy, couples will have difficulty in connecting with each other. Resultantly, emotional connection is, perhaps, the most important factor for building a long-lasting relationship.

7 Ways to increase emotional intimacy

Do you want to learn how to increase emotional intimacy? Here are 7 important ways to connect to your partner:

1. Relate with your partner from your heart
Many people do not relate with their partners wholeheartedly; hence, their communications are filled with shallow affections and expressions. This will lead to a lack of emotional connection that will further shatter the relationship between the two. Therefore, you should learn to express your thought with your partner from your heart. Avoid emotionally empty expressions that are instrumental to lack of intimacy in a relationship.

a woman touching men's face

2. Create a ritual for connecting with each other daily
No matter how busy you are, connecting with your partner goes a long way in determining your emotional connection. Therefore, you should learn to find some interesting rituals that will encourage a connection with your partner every day. Taking breakfast together, sharing kisses before going off to work, texting each other at a particular time of the day, and showering together are some rituals that can help you.

3. Get physical with your partner
If you truly want to learn how to increase emotional intimacy in your relationship, you should never overlook the importance of physical touch. A few of the things you can do include making passionate love, touching, snuggling, kissing, cuddling, holding and soothing.

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4. Have a date regularly
Having a date from time to time can help you prevent lack of intimacy in a relationship. From eating out to participating in a sport, cooking the dinner together and watching TV shows together, there are several ways by which you can have a date. Your date can involve going out or spending intimate time together at home.

5. Be compassionate and considerate of your partner
When lovers show consideration and compassion for each other, it shows that they understand what the partner is going through. This will not only show kindness towards the other person, but it also spurs them to talk about their challenges.

6. Share your day with your partner
Everyone connects better with individuals that they can share their day with, so you can use this method to increase your emotional connection. Did you experience anything positive or negative during the day? Do not hesitate to share them with your partner.

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7. Accept your partner unconditionally
Your partner cannot feel safe around you if you do not love them for who they are. Even if they have anything you want them to change or improve, accepting them beforehand will assure them that you will not just leave them over any issues.

Now that you have known how to increase emotional intimacy in your relationship, share these things with your partner and build a great relationship together.



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