First love is true love: 7 signs you still have feelings to your first love

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First love is true love: 7 facts still have feelings to your first crush

There are hundreds of different kinds of love. You love your parents, friends, partner and even your favorite pop star. What makes real love exceptional? Is your first love is the only one in your love? Below you will find 7 important signs your first love is true love.

  • You still have deep and warm feelings to your crush. Moreover, these feelings are mutual. If your inner flame is still burning when you look at your first partner, you might really love him or her. However, if your former crush is not ready to start your relationship afresh, don’t waste your time, since real love is always in both hearts. Just spend more time with friends, meet new people and look for positive emotions- life is full of surprises!

  • You still communicate easily. In case you still enjoy your communication, you usually have honest dialogues and enjoy this warming eye contact; you might fall for your first match. Isn’t it time to try dating again?
  • You always think about your first love even when you are out with your new crush. If you started a new life, changed your environment and got plenty of new friends and bright emotions, but still think of your ex, you are definitely not done with your past.
  • You keep in touch. Are you still communicating with your first love, even if you are miles away? Isn’t it friendship? If you still have some romantic feelings to your former love, it might really be your true love.
  • You have some “unfinished business”. If you were torn apart due to the complicated or tough situations, you might still want to rekindle your flame. Just try to stay together as long as possible to find out, whether you fit each other.

  • You feel absolutely natural with your partner. In case you broke up, but feel amazingly comfortable together, your relationship might still work. The chances are you will start dating again.
  • Your gut feeling says it’s true love. Sometimes it’s a really good idea to follow your intuition. Trust your inner voice and make a step to resume your relationship: sometimes the first love is true love.


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