How to Keep a Strong And Happy Relationship

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Love is a beautiful thing and it is the foundation of any romantic relationship. But for a relationship to work it needs more than love. You probably have heard that for a relationship to work it needs “work”. What does work really mean? It means for a relationship to work both parties must be committed to the relationship and put the relationship before anything else. Who would love to be number two anyway?

Tips on How to Make Relationship Happy

1. Communicate openly

Research has proved that communicating openly with your partner is the most important thing in a relationship. It is even more important than your commitment levels and providing for your partner. In any relationship there are going to be conflicts, there are no avoiding conflicts but it is communication that helps in solving them. Communicating openly is what makes a relationship strong. Couples who communicate openly without the distraction of laptops and phones have a higher chance of staying happy compared to those who are always glued to their phones even when they are discussing something serious. Make efforts to speak to your partner more openly and this will surely lead to a happy and healthy relationship.

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2. Accept that every relationship has its ups and downs

There is no way a relationship can be happy at all times. If you enter a relationship expecting that you are going to be happy at all times then you are the reason you are not happy in your current relationship. You need to accept the fact that there will be arguments from time to time and you are going to go through tough times. Going through the tough times together strengthens your relationship. If you quit because of the tough times then there is no way you are going to be happy. You will enter another relationship and maybe it will be even tougher than the previous one. Accepting that fact is a key to many happy and healthy relationships all over the world.

3. Give your partner space

Arthur Schopenhauer tried to explain this dilemma that exists in every relationship using porcupines. 2 porcupines that are trying to keep warm moves close to each other but when they get too close they prick each other. The same happens in human relationships, we want to be close to our partners but at the same time, we need some space. It is wise to give your partner space so that she can get to do something that she feels she need to do on her own. You don’t have to monitor your partner’s every move. You don’t have to question every decision. Leave her to be alone sometimes so that she doesn’t feel bored by your presence. Giving her space does not mean you forget your partner, give her space and when she needs your attention give it to her. Your partner should also allow you to have some space and when you live that way you can be sure that your relationship will stay happy for a long time.

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4. Focus on the positive

A research that was conducted by Dr. Terri Orbuch on what makes couples happy strengthens relationships suggested that focusing on the positive is very important. Focusing on what is going wrong with your relationship will only make you feel like quitting, make you feel like you are in the wrong relationship and make you feel like your relationship is the worst. On the other hand, focusing on the positive helps you see how much you have survived together and that will help you believe that you will overcome whatever comes on your way. Even if it is addressing a negative thing try addressing it in a positive way. For example, if your partner is messy instead of yelling at her to clean the house approach it in a positive way like you can tell her that it makes you happy when you come home and find the house clean. Focusing on the positive is a must do if you want your relationship to be happy and last for a long time.

5. Be supportive

Being supportive does not only mean that you should provide your partner with money whenever she needs it. Supporting her financially is important don’t get me wrong but it is not the only way you can support your partner. There are different ways you can be supportive to your partner. For example, you can give her a hand when she needs it, you can help her do the house chores if she is late from work. Supporting your partner emotionally is also very important, listen to her any time she is upset and she needs to talk to someone. Be her best friend, a person she can always count on.

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6. Set goals as a couple

If you are in a relationship that means you are a team. Setting goals together will make your partner know that you are moving in the same direction. Moving in the same direction is important to any relationship because that is a person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Also setting goals together allows you to celebrate each time you achieve a goal. Studies have shown that achieving goals together bring a lot of happiness to couples. Set goals together and strengthen your relationship.



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