Introvert-Extrovert Couples: Are They Happy?


Different kinds of people

Most people nowadays like to specify themselves if they are introverts or extrovert. Let’s review the meaning first. Introverts are your typical shy and reserved people. They enjoy, “recharge” by spending time alone. They don’t do well in groups too long. Then there are you arguably “ideal” types, the extroverts. The explanation comes down to one word, outgoing. Now, these kinds of people crave being social. Being alone is impossible for them.

But there are many people in introvert-extrovert relationships. Go on a laugh. But the fact remains to be true. You might think that there is no need to think about it, these relationships are bound to fail. They’re polar opposites, it’ll never work out.

They are happy

For someone who knows the proper meaning, it’s something out of a novel, introvert-extrovert relationships. Almost feel like an impending disaster. But if you try to think and understand, that is how most people and normal relationships are. Think of it as a case of opposites attracting each other.

Ask the children in your neighborhood. The result will be a list of introverts and extroverts. How many fathers like just to lounge around and watch tv on holidays and after work, and how many mothers like to join groups and like to go to places. So, are they mad?

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Problems for Introvert-Extrovert Couples

There isn’t a single person that won’t doubt these relationships. Indeed, there are introvert-extrovert relationship problems.

Parties and gathering events are when you notice their personalities clash. The introvert will want to leave early, but the extrovert hasn’t nearly had enough. One would need to sacrifice themselves for the other. Many of these couples often come separately. The introvert can leave early if they want to and the other can take their sweet time.

If they had some sort of argument. The extroverts (talk crazy) will want to talk about it immediately, they just can’t keep to themselves. But introverts work differently. The need to get their thought together before they feel up to talking it out. This is commonly taken negatively by the outgoing party.
After a tiring day, you’d want to a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, but your partner has other ideas. They want to have a long chat about the whole day. These can become quite irritating at times.

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However, the above happens only at the start of the relationships. Couples soon get accustomed to each other and work it all out.

You can divide introverts as the interested party and extroverts as the talking ones. Introverts are great listeners, they’ll just keep on listening (trying to get out of the conversation), your partners can help you quite a bit at these moments. Extroverts being as they are will have no problem breaking into arguments (your escape route).

Couples get to broaden their horizon and mindset. You meet new people and make new close friends, your partners can also learn to appreciate being alone at times. You start to appreciate company more, this, in turn, increases self-respect.

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Finding a Balance

Don’t doubt their relationship. The definition of a good relationship comes down to having had a balance in which both parties appreciate. It’s about sacrificing what pleases you to make your partner happy, which in turn makes you happy. Well, relationships are about compromises and sacrifices. And introvert-extrovert relationships mostly work out.



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