Is True Love A Myth Or A Possible Reality?

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‘True love’ is a term that is about to lose its meaning in today’s generation. We keep flaunting on social media platforms with our happy pictures and convince ourselves that we have found our true love. But things are much more complex than that. Most of us do not even know what ‘true love’ actually means. So before we progress further, we need to address a question, ‘what is true love?’

True love – what exactly is it?

True love is an emotion that is strongest than any other emotion that one can feel. It provides you with the ultimate strength to climb any height for its sake. It is a motivation, an influence, a driving force and a feeling of being content. Finding true love is much harder than it sounds. When you find your true love, you will feel such a passion for that person that the entire world will turn upside down if they get distant from you. It includes both mental and physical space and the connections that you share. It is the emotion that lays the foundation for all the other feelings that your heart may harbor. You know the person and cannot resist falling for them. All you can dream of is to be together forever. You can cross any hurdle just to keep them happy, safe and content. It is the perfect combination of possession, obsession, and affiliation and has a lot of other components.

But it does not mean that there will be no problem in between. Whatever issue may come in between, they will work to sort things out. Quarrels and fights are common and no relation is complete without these. But these will not be the terminating factors if you have really found your true love.

With that said, it can never come easy. Some may be lucky to find their true love very soon but it is a rare case. People often share their struggles in finding true love and how things have changed for the good after they have found the right person.

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Why is it so tough to find true love?

Our lack of patience often acts as a barrier to stop us from finding true love. Lust, material love and the urge to show off are some of the other factors that contribute to making it even harder. We often get attracted to someone for their physical attributes and start chasing them naming the infatuation to be true love. We get heartbroken and start insulting true love. We then continue on with the cycle and keep hurting more and more people we come across. Things turn so bad that we completely lose faith in love and just hunt for targets to satiate our physical urges. Once they have nothing more to offer, we cut them short and move to the next target. Not realizing, we contribute to turning the karma wheel and urge more people to lose faith in true love.

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Finding true love

If you are really worried about how to find true love, then there are a few tips that we can provide you with.

1. Hold patience
Finding the right person among billions of individuals is no easy task. You must have the patience to wait for the right moment and right person rather than going with anyone and ruining your experience. It will only help you to put the blame on this lovely emotion as the rush will most probably be neglected during the sad moments.

2. Know your worth
It is important to know how worthy you are as a partner. This will help you to know what exactly you should expect in your potential partner. You can get attracted to anyone and anyone may develop an infatuation for you. But speeding things up without knowing what you really deserve can make things tougher later.

3. Check out the beauty of the soul than their looks
While physical beauty attracts us the most in an individual, it is not going to last long. Things evaporate soon and when it does, you are sure to lose interest. But when you love someone for who they really are, things are more likely to last longer. If the vibes match, you are going to make an excellent couple.

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4. Invest time
Invest time with each other. This helps you to know each other to better extents. It also works to bring in realization if you two are suitable for each other. Also, you can develop a better bond with each other when you spend more time together.

5. Seek help
It is okay to ask for relationship advice from your friends, cousins, colleagues or other family members. Experienced persons can help you to walk down the right path and avoid disappointments. Also, they know you the best and will instantly know what kind of partner you need and how long someone particular can last with you depending on their characteristics and nature.



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