How to know if a guy likes you or not? 10 signs he is really into you


How to know if a guy likes you or not? Top 10 easy signs to know his feelings for sure

So, you have found a new crush and he is perfect to you. However, unveiling his true feelings might not be an easy thing. How to know If a guy likes you or not? Is he really interested? Or it is just in your head only? Find out a list of 10 telltale signs this guy likes you.

  1. Study his body language. When you are communicating, are his legs or arms angled towards you? Does he usually smooth down his hair or fix his t-shirt when suddenly see you? These are the most common signs your crush is interested in you.couple
  2. Eye contact. You have definitely heard that eye contact is the brightest sign of the mutual sympathy. In case you often catch a guy staring at you, he is likely to be into you. There is another secret tip to find out, whether he likes you: in case someone tells a joke and he is looking, whether you laugh at it, he definitely likes you!
  3. Watch how he feels about your touches. Touching someone ‘accidentally’ will easily show if he wants more intimacy with you. Does your partner moves away when you touch him? Easy to check!
  4. He treats you differently. Does your guy behave differently towards you? Is he always ready to help and support you? Does he want to stay closer to you? Just get the answers with no effort!
  5. He is interested in things that are important to you. Keep an eye on your new crush: in case he becomes interested in anything he has never paid attention before (and you had found it great first), he might be trying to attract your attention.couple love women phone
  6. He looks nervous, when you are around. Guys usually do not feel nervous close to ladies, whom they do not like.
  7. He copies your actions. Mirroring the signs of someone you like is a common trick to bring more attention. And most guys use it!
  8. He gently teases or hugs you. Furthermore, if your crush tries to hold your hand, he is into you.
  9. He remembers the details and notices changes in your look. Guys in love become too attentive to their beloved ones. If he remembers in detail, what you were talking about the last weekend, he likes you.
  10. He asks you to hang out. Congratulations! Your new crush is definitely interested in you, in case he asks you to go out and spend some time with him.



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