Lust vs. Love: 4 ways to tell what you’re feeling

Lust or Love

Lust vs. Love: 4 ways to tell what you’re feeling and find out the signs of true love

Love and lust often come hand in hand. Therefore, it is often hard, to realize whether you have found your true love. However, passion and real love have some significant differences.  Lust vs. Love: find out 4 ways to tell what you’re feeling. Unveil your true emotions!

  • How do you feel about your partner?

Lust: Your crush seems to be perfect. He or she is incredibly bright and shiny; you can hardly find any drawbacks and imperfections in their appearance and character. You believe you have found a true miracle in the eyes of your beloved one.

Love: You realize your new crush is not perfect. However, you still like his or her little imperfections. Furthermore, these drawbacks make your partner special. In case you have found true love, you welcome and even cherish your crush’s flaws.

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  • What do you put to your appearance?

Lust: You dress up and try to be absolutely perfect each time you meet. You need to impress your beloved person.

Love: You might wear old pants and no make up. You almost do not care how you look: you think your crush loves you the way you are. You just feel comfortable.

  • Your leisure.

Lust: You spend most of time having sex. You have a super strong desire to have a physical intimacy with your partner, but do not feel necessary to establish contacts in other ways.

Love: Sex is not the only thing you do. You have some common hobbies and spend plenty of time together outside your bedroom.


  • Your conversations.

Lust: You are living in a fantasy world. You avoid discussing any issues or problems, as well as real goals and plans for future. Furthermore, you ignore warning signs and red flags of your partner’s behavior.

Love: You can talk about everything in the world. You are motivated to support each other, respect and create certain life plans. You have an open and honest communication.

However, do not be upset, in case you have lust, but not love. Many relationships have started with passion, but then moved to more deep and sincere feelings. Relax and have a great time with each other!




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