No Chemistry? How Long Should You Wait to Know It’s Your Soul Mate

? How Long Should You Wait to Know For Sure that’s not your match?

How Much Time You Need to Understand That You Like Your Partner

What is called chemistry? It’s a particular feeling of attraction, warmth, ease and openness. These are butterflies in your stomach that make you feeling incredible near your new crush. When it comes to dating, we usually expect to have this awesome feeling on our first dates. However, it might come a little bit later or just never with a certain person. No Chemistry? How long should you wait to know for sure? Let’s get the answers!

sexually attracted to some person

Chemistry is not just a wild passion.

The true chemistry is felt both physically and mentally. You are sexually attracted to some person and you really enjoy communication with him or her. If you are constantly thinking about your new crush, it might still not be the chemistry, but just a splash of hormones and a lust. Furthermore, the true feeling can’t include any selfishness, rudeness, disrespect or ignorance.

Physical chemistry is vital.

First of all, physical chemistry is important for the long-term relationship. It will help to go through the tough periods each couple face from time to time and support your burning flame for years. So, if you feel your new partner is just nice and friendly, it’s not your choice.

Physical attraction and physical chemistry are different.

You might easily like some Hollywood star, but it doesn’t mean you have that chemistry. Therefore, you might easily find some person pretty or handsome, but still don’t feel the chemistry between you two. You might enjoy his or her appearance, but it’s still not enough.

Chemistry might need some time to flourish.

If you like someone and want to continue your communication, you have already got your little sparkle that might easily become the true chemistry. If you have a common sense of humor, shared interests and feel easy, wait a bit to see how your relationship will develop.

When you feel some interest to your new partner

Don’t wait too long. First dates are often awkward and a little bit uncomfortable. So, if you feel some interest to your new partner, ask for the second date. However, if you don’t feel any chemistry on the third or fourth date, you probably will not feel it with that person. Just go ahead and try to date with other guys. Your true love is definitely waiting for you!


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