Question Games for Couples

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The major reason a lot of couples go their ways or things go wrong is when they could not really understand each other. Understanding each other entails a lot of things. It starts with meetings, dates, visiting each other’s family, getting to know each other’s friends and playing games. Playing games go a long way to help you determine the maturity of a person. If your partner sulks at you for losing a simple game, then it shows that the person is still very immature and doesn’t understand that a game is for fun alone. Anything that is done under the cover of games is expected to end there. This also applies to question games.

When it comes to fun question games for couples, it is best to just ask general fun questions that will further bond both of you. Questions that you might sometimes (it would also have to be fun if your partner sometimes) answer wrongly, when the wrong answer is funnier, just for the fun. This is not the time for sensitive or serious questions that could mar the relationship.

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A way of Finding Out More About the Interesting Parts of Your Partner

What are Question Games for Couple?

Question games for couple entail playing a game where the couple comes together, ask questions and answers are given. Just like other types of game, the aim of question games is to catch fun. It is not to get points to use against your partner later. It is also not a time to try to have truthfully answer to if they have ever slept with your best friend or hope to so. Apart from truth or dare, there is hardly any other type of general or popular games with questions for couples. Even the truth or dare, are mostly played in the company of other couples. Hence, this gives the opportunity for the couple in question to decide how the game should go and the rules. These rules could include how many questions each person is to ask, who goes first and which category of questions to be asked such as sports or movies or novels among others.

Why Should Couples Play Question Games?

Question games, just like every other type of games, gives the couple the opportunity to bond and catch fun. It could also provide the couple the opportunity of getting to know some of their partner’s wildest desires and other wishes. Thus, it would be easier getting to know what to do with her or get for her as a gift on the next Valentine ’s Day or on her next birthday.

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What Should Be The Aim of Playing Question Games?

It is important to know that the aim of playing question games for a couple is to catch fun to the most extent. Do not do things, say things or ask questions that would quickly turn the question games to a serious quarrel or fight. Say funny things that will make the question more interesting. This is not the time to ask that question that you really wanted to ask but you have been scared of asking because you know it is a very sensitive question. The aim is to catch fun, ask questions to catch fun and answer questions to catch fun. If you must have another purpose of playing the game, it should be to know the likes and dislikes of your partner. This way, you could get to know how to relate with them better and improve the relationship.

What are Some Questions That You Could Ask Your Partner

Here are some questions you can ask your partner during a fun question game for couples. It is just generally a guide and you can feel free to add yours. To make the game more fun, a partner could have to answer the question he asked after the other partner has answered. The other partner could then ask their question and also answer after the first partner has answered and so on.

  • Describe yourself in 3 words only?

The 3 words that your partner use in describing his/herself could go a long way in showing what type of person he or she is.

  • What does everybody else likes that you hate secretly and you think it is overrated?

As a partner, you could mention the name of his best celebrity or sportsperson. It would make for a good teasing moment if your partner is mature. There is also the room to answer the question truthfully.

  • If you were to choose between a mountain house or a beach house, which would you prefer?

On his/her next birthday, you could visit the highest mountain in the area or in another country, or you could visit a romantic beach.

  • What do you think can really make you laugh?

You could get your next idea of a joke or something to buy when you want to make her laugh.

  • Apart from a pool of water, a pool of what else can you jump into?

You could push her into a pool of that thing on one of your romantic outings, where you would have paid for such provisions to be made.

  • If you were given a choice to become a fictional character, who would it be?

The partner could choose from a TV show, books or movies fictional character.

  • What Nickname do you think is the weirdest you ever had?

Your answer to this question could become your new nickname again. Answer wisely.

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Generally, there are thousands of questions you can ask your partner during a games with questions for couples. Ensure that they are questions that would not put your partner in an awkward situation or whose answer could get you furious.



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