Top 7 Signs He Doesn’t Want to Marry You

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7 Red Flags Your Boyfriend is Never Going to Marry You

When you are dating someone, you usually want to know, if your relationship is long-term and serious or you are likely to date with no plans for future. The main misunderstanding between thousands of couples worldwide is marriage expectations, when someone is not planning to marry at all. How can you discover, whether your boyfriend is likely to marry you or you will remain bachelorette for years?

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Here you will find a list of red flags he will never marry you

1. He is already married. Dating with a married man has dozens of negative aspects. If you still hope your lover is going to dump his family to marry you, you might just be wasting your time for years. Although married guys sometimes break up and marry their lovers, chances you are lucky to get him as a husband are miserable.

2. Your crush gets angry or just laughs at you when you are trying to talk about wedding. The matter is that your boyfriend is feeling guilty, since he is not planning to marry you, but still can’t have a break up. Frustration is the only thing he is feeling at the moment you are talking about your marriage.

3. He has not certain plans for future or his plans don’t include you. Does he plan to work in Australia for a couple of years, while you will be studying at college in the U.S.? Does your crush is making common plans with you? Or is he just stands for himself? In case your boyfriend doesn’t care of you and your goals, he is not likely to marry you.

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4. You still don’t know his family and best friends. In case he is not telling about you to his parents, siblings or close friends, as well as you still haven’t met anyone from his family, your boyfriend is probably is not treating you seriously.

5. He has no PDA. Happy couples often hold each other’s hands, embrace or just say cute things to each other. However, when your partner usually doesn’t show his mates that you are his girlfriend, he is probably looking for other girls.

6. Your boyfriend has too many secrets and hides his profiles in social media from you. If you are not able to follow your crush in Facebook or Instagram, when he is texting someone and ghosting, be sure he is not going to marry you. Ever. The matter is that when a guy takes seriously his beloved, he follows you, likes you, comments you and has no secret chats or hidden messages.

7. Your crush has too many excuses. Your boyfriend said that you will marry after his graduation. Then he promised to arrange a wedding when he finds a good job. After that your boyfriend says you have lack of money for settling down and asks you to wait again and again. This is a simple trick of guys, who don’t really want to marry.

Waiting for years to marry that guy? Should you break up? There is no universal answer to this question. Not to mention, most ladies often find their true love after the break up with their long-term partner.

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