What does true love feel like: 7 signs that you have found it

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What does true love feel like: 7 characteristics of real love

Love is what all of us are looking for. However, how can you realize that you have found real love? What does true love feel like? Below you will find 10 characteristics that pick out true love from all the other feelings.

  1. Feeling safe with your partner is one of the most evident features of love. You are no longer looking for someone else, you have stopped comparing your ex and your present boyfriend/girlfriend, as well as you became his/her number one priority.
  2. You are not playing games. You accept and being accepted by your partner completely. You know all his or her drawbacks, bad habits and other little imperfections, but still love your partner. Furthermore, you are not trying to change your beloved one and are ready to live together the whole life.love couple women men sea
  3. You are no longer breaking up a couple of times per week. Both of you are ready to solve your disputes and problems together. Not to mention, emotional stability should be also supported by the financial one. Both of you are independent people with your own jobs and hobbies, but you like to spend time together.
  4. You consider your crush as an equal partner and receive the same level of respect. You are not feeling superior or minor than your soulmate. Furthermore, you share your responsibilities and make important decisions together.
  5. You take care of each other. When it comes to health, duties and any other issues, you always try to help and take care of each other. You encourage and inspire your partner to become better and bring him or her happiness.
  6. You are kind. If you really love each other, you always do your best not to hurt each other. You are good friends, lovers and partners at the same time. Both of you value your relationship and are generous and considerate.feel happy couple true love
  7. You feel happy when your partner feels happy. You make your partner feeling appreciated and loved and this makes you happy! You do not mind how much money he or she earns or how much success he/she achieves.

What should you do, if you think your love is not true? Should you break up? Surely, not. True love does not appear at once; it often needs some time to overwhelm your heart totally.



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